5 Amazing Tactics To Get More Followers In Instagram

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Instagram has become an important foundation of several brands’ social presence, which drives profitable traffic to the pages, as well as grows conversions and engages audiences.

If your Instagram is not that popular as you think it is, then you might want to learn how to get more followers, by sharpening your strategy, check out the social shaft. Remember the more audiences you gain the more opportunities will knock on your door. In this way, you can easily engage with the users and will be able to build new experiences for them.

There are times when brands choose the easy way out in order to have more Instagram followers. They choose to pay for likes, followers with the help of software like social shaft. But his shortcut does not help in the long run, as Instagram changes its algorithm to remove low-quality accounts.

The number of followers at the end of the day means nothing if it does not represent an engaged fan following, as it helps in purchasing and advocating your brands with your followers.

In this article, I will be giving 5 effective tactics that will bring traffic to your Instagram page. Read the article till the end to know!


Optimize The Instagram Account

The first step, while you figure out how to gain more traffic to your Instagram account, is to get your account fully optimized. You have to give a proper bio, image captions, username, and a profile image. Go to imaginn. These are the common things one does when opening an account but on Instagram, it will give you a brand identity. The link in your bio is the main spot from where the traffic comes.


If you can’t figure out where to link then start marketing or product pages that help relate to certain keywords. Keep your username in a way that it becomes search-friendly. It basically means sticking to your original brand name. If you think that your business name is longer, shorten it so that your audience can recognize it. Avoid adding characters and numerics to your username.


Schedule Instagram Posts

Since Instagram algorithm changed, for offering more content, posting the right thing at the right time can still bring traffic to your page. Your brand has a lot to do in increasing visibility. With a marketing tool such as smihub can help your brand schedule the contents in an effective way.

Scheduling contents in advance will let your team see campaigns, with which they can schedule more properly. It is always a smart choice to make content with Instagram scheduling tools. This helps you reach your audience and maintain your content simultaneously.


Dodge The Fake Accounts

There is a huge difference between an original Instagram account and a fake account. Buying Instagram followers is tempting but the backlash affects the perks of the organic followers.  Fake Instagram accounts have some traits that can easily let you recognize it. Read about social shaft.

  • It deceives new followers. If users come to an account that has many followers but is inactive, it will lower the credibility. But trust and long relationships make better engagement.
  • It has no ROI. People think that buying followers is easy, actually, they seem that way but the unmanned new followers won’t be buying anything. People have reasons to follow a brand on Instagram, they keep track of your posts and your company which eventually brings monetary value to the business.
  • Suppose you have 10,000 fake followers, how many of them comment, share, and like your post do you think? More likely, the fake accounts will get deleted by Instagram when they change their algorithm. It makes the posts engaging.
  • There are many Instagram video downloaders available you can also make a video with the help of an Instagram video downloader.


What Followers Want

It is easier said than done, what your followers want. As you go through your posts on Instagram accounts you will see that some of your posts are performing better than the others. And this is the clue, for you to understand what your followers like.

Whatever you post, make sure you are aware of the new Instagram trends, because even the smallest detail can make a difference. Keep your ears open and eyes wide.

To move a step further, invest in Instagram analytics tools, as it helps to analyze, track and benchmark content.


Find Hashtags

The tried and true way to get followers on Instagram is through hashtags. Hashtags have always been an essential tool for discovery and it has led to extending social reach. It helps to reach your target audiences.

For starters, get hashtags that are not populated. Try to highlight your Instagram contents in a crowd of millions of posts, in the form of pictures and videos. Let me warn you, it ain’t an easy job. You have to find the hashtags for people who you want to check your posts. If you are successful in making relevant posts then, people will follow your account. Branded hashtags are a way of grouping posts that circles around active posts of your brand and campaigns.


Wrapping It All Up

Here you go with all the 5 tactics that you need to apply in your Instagram account for bringing the traffic.


Social media platforms are very helpful when it comes to boosting your brand and company. Even the giant platform: Facebook, has limitations in allowing content, but Instagram on the other hand is the best platform when it comes to promoting your business.


Leave a comment below in the comment section and share your experience with us, or you can add a tactic that you have discovered that helps in bringing traffic to your Instagram account.


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