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Crystals. Karma, Tasks, Referral, Earnings crystals, Daily rewards, etc. This is all you need to know to get unlimited free Instagram followers.
Didn’t get me? Let’s hop into it.
First of all, we are going to use the App called “HikeTop +”. It is available both for Android and iOS But is not available in their respective stores, Playstore or App Store. You need to continue reading to get the App. It’s 1000% Free by the way.
Hiketop Plus is an App used by various individuals from around the world that will help you to get free Instagram followers. They use a time-based feature that will allow you to stay on top of the list for a certain period depending on how many crystals (coins) you decide to spend. hence, Its name HikeTop.
It is a coin-based app but not your typical coin-based App.

How does HikeTop works?

It is very simple. You need to earn coins and spend them on getting followers or Likes. Yes, You can also get Free Instagram Likes. Not only that, You can also get Free Instagram Story views along with video views.

2 Elements you need to know before using HikeTop plus

The 2 Elements of Hiketop that you must know are:
1. Crystals: crystal gives you free followers likes and views you need to have crystals to spend and get the followers or likes or views. So crystal in other words Simply plays the role of coins.
2. Karma: Karma can be converted into crystals. Karma plays a very important role as it helps you and get free real followers permanently how okay if you unfollow someone whom you followed using this app might punish you if you unfollow them and if they punish you then the consequences will be that your karma will be deducted and if you lose all your karma then you might get negative karmas which will stop you from getting the followers views and likes until you get positive karmas.

How do we get Crystals and Karmas?

Unlike any other random app, This app provides you with 7 different ways to earn Crystals and karmas.
Below are the Seven different ways:

1. The first way is the Task. You need to complete an offer from the tasks section to get the crystals.

But I hate surveys and all these downloading things, so I never do any of these, but you can do these to get the crystals if you want.

 2. let’s move to the second way that is the Views.  You will see various videos that you can view. You get crystals for viewing them.

In some cases, you may have to click retry and search until you get a video to watch.

You will then be taken to Instagram. There, you will have to bookmark the video post.

After watching and bookmarking the video, you will have to come back to the app and click get 50 karma.

You will get 50 Karmas.

After that, you can go back to Instagram and remove the bookmark as you may not need it anymore.

 3. The third way is the Likes. You will have to click the heart icon from the likes section. Like the post after you are redirected to Instagram.

After that, come back to the app.  you will see four crystals added for liking the post.

 4. let’s look at the fourth way that is “Referral”.

You can share your referral code with your friends and ask them to join with it as it will give you 5% of every crystal and karma earnings of your friends for a lifetime, If you want you can use my Referral Code, Which can be found below.


▶ Use My Referral Code: FR5873949

 5. Now, the fifth way is the “Earnings”. In other words, Achievements.

The more you use the apps the more chance of getting crystals from the Earnings feature.

 6. The sixth way, this is something that many of us don’t like but trust me this time it’s worth it.

You need to follow others to get the crystals. Don’t worry it’s safe. Just use this feature gradually to earn crystals.

 7. The Final way is the Daily Rewards.

You will get crystals or karmas once every day for using the App.

The more you are consistent in using the app, the more Crystals or karmas you will get. Meaning, Crystals or Karmas will be increasing every day for daily rewards.

If you miss a day, then there might be a chance that the daily rewards earning will be reset to normal.

You will have to manually claim the daily rewards from the App.


Note: you will have to Login to your Instagram account to use HikeTop + App.

Detailed Explanation of the App with Live demonstration and Proof

The video below covers a detailed explanation of the App.
It even shows you how you can use the App and what are the safe ways to apply the trick.
You can even see the proof of gaining followers in just a few seconds.

How to Download the HikeTop App?

To download the app, Wait for the 60 seconds timer.
It will load a button that will lead you to your downloading page.
You can download both for Android and iOS.
Download Hiketop Plus Now

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