Desygner: Best Free Graphic Designing Tool 2022

Desygner: Best Free Graphic Designing Tool
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Are you interested in graphic designing but could never be a better one? Well, everything’s going to change from now on. Software like photoshop and other complicated ones requires a lot of graphic designing knowledge, and it is not easy. But today, I’m going to tell you about the Desygner app that allows you to create professional graphic designs in just a few clicks. This software is ideal for both beginners and professionals.
Say goodbye to your professional graphic designer because you are your new graphic designer.
You can create beautiful graphic designs like a pro without any experience in graphic design. And you can do all these for free.
Read below to start your journey to be a Graphic designer of your own.
Note: Desygner was used to create the featured image for this article.
Desygner is a powerful graphic designing software that allows you to create thousands of designs for free. You can be creative and customize any template and make it your own. There are thousands of templates to choose from in the template library. Whether you want to create a flyer, banners, cards, thumbnails, or others, you have them all in the template library. You can also start a design from scratch without a template.
It is available as an App on Android and iOS devices. However, on PC, it works on a cloud-based service that doesn’t require you to download the app. You can use Desygner in a web browser.
Desygner is a better version of Canva (Read Desygner vs. Canva below to know the difference).

What Makes Desygner Stand Out?

While there are a lot of other competitors in the Graphic designing world, Desygner proves to be the best among all. Below are a few reasons why Desygner stands out:
  1. It supports almost every format (JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, MP4, etc.)
  2. You can create your designs in any size. There are pre-formatted sizes that you can choose from, or you can customize the size of the design based on your preference.
  3. You can grab any template (book covers, logos, posters, etc.) edit it, and create a design on your own.
  4. Desygner is capable of Commercial use. It gives you full rights to the designs that you create.
  5. You can also order printed copies of your designs.
  6. Unlike other designing tools, Desygner has some features in the free version that you would have to pay for if you were using other designing tools.
  7. No Professional Graphic Designer experience required: Never heard about Graphic designing? Well, you can create a professional-looking design in just a few minutes.
  8. It is meant both for professionals and beginners.


Features of Desygner

Desygner also features tools that are a must needed when it comes to graphic designing. It would make your design a lot easier and faster.
  1. Free Stock Images: This tool comes with Royalty-free images which you can use for commercial purposes. You don’t need any permission to use these images.
  2. Resize Images Online: This is a tool in Desygner that allows you to upload your image, customize the size of the image or choose between pre-defined sizes like social media, YouTube thumbnails, cover photos, ads, flyers, and much more.
  3. Background remover: It comes with free background remover tool. It removes the background and makes the images transparent in just one click. You would have to pay for this tool in other graphic designing tools.
  4. PDF Editor: It also has the free PDF Editor tool, which can edit your PDF files. You can also re-design them.
  5. Animator: You can also create breathtaking motion graphics using the Animator tool in Desygner. You can use special effects and apply them to different elements or the entire design. Animator brings life to your design.
  6. Brand Library: Desygner also has the Brand Library that allows you to store your brand logos, fonts, and colors to utilize in your branded templates.
  7. Print: The “Print” feature allows you to print your design and get it delivered to your door.
  8. Hire a Designer:  Desygner eliminates the chances of hiring a designer as it makes it easier for you to create a design all by yourself. However, they have a “Hire a Designer” feature for people who want to take their design skills to the next level. You can always hire a professional to design your small one-time project or global graphic design projects.

Free Templates

Desygner has thousands of free templates to choose from for your designs. It has pre-made templates to use as inspiration, or you can edit and customize it.
You can always start your design from scratch. It is not mandatory to use a template. However, a template makes the work a lot easier.
Below is a list of templates (including both free and paid templates) :

For print

  1. Flyers
  2. Business Cards
  3. Posters
  4. Greeting Cards
  5. Invitations
  6. Resumes & CVs
  7. Certificates
  8. Prices List & Menus
  9. Documents

For Web

  1. Social Posts
  2. Social Covers
  3. Banner Ads
  4. Web Graphics
  5. Books Covers
  6. Vision boards
  7. Presentations
  8. Album Covers
  9. Newsletters
  10. Logos


First of all, Desygner has a free version that does the work well. However, the free version is limited, and some features are restricted. The free version comes with free templates, stock images, and assets accessible by any registered user but is limited to certain restrictions.
Before We go for the Pricing of Desygner, I want to tell you that they do have a free trial of their premium service. You can use their premium features for free with their 14 days (2 weeks) free trial. After that, you can determine if you should go for the premium version or stick with the free one.
Their premium version is low-priced, so if you’ve enjoyed it, you can easily afford it and start using it. Read below to know the pricing of Desygner.
Desygner pricing Best Free Graphic Designing Tool
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There are four plans in Desygner that include the Free plan, Pro+ plan, Business plan, and Enterprise.
The Pro+ plan will cost INR 130 per month if billed annually. Otherwise, it will cost INR 260 if billed monthly. The Pro+ includes up to 5 users.
The business Plan costs INR 440 per month if billed annually. Or it will cost INR 880 per month if billed monthly.
For Enterprise, you can contact their sales executive.

Is Desygner better than Canva?

Desygner and Canva are popular graphic designing apps used by beginners and professionals. Canva and Desygner have pretty much the same interface and styles. However, there are a few differences between the two apps that I have discussed below. It depends on your requirements that will make one app better than the other. Let’s hop into it.
You can use Desygner Background remover for free.
The background remover can only be used during editing and requires a premium plan.
Desygner comes with features that include drawing, tables, background remover, PDF editor, and resize designs. These features are not available in Canva.
Canva includes features like stock videos, audio, and a few others.
Desygner allows its Pro plan users to add and collaborate with up to 5 users.
Canva’s pro plan allows inviting only up to 4 users.
Since it is cloud-based, the interface has a few glitches here and there compared to canva.
Canva’s user experience is a little better than Desygner’s.
Desygner’s Pro+ Plan includes six users.
Canva’s Pro+ Plan is for one person only.
While both Canva and Desygner have almost the same feature, there is a big difference in the pricing. Desygner’s Pro+ plan costs INR 260 per month or INR 130 per month on a yearly plan. It is 48% less (if billed monthly) and 61% less (if billed annually) than the price of canva.
Canva’s Pro plan costs INR 499 monthly or INR 3999 per year.

Should we go for Canva or Desygner?

Canva and Desygner are almost similar and have the same functionality. There are a few ups and downs in both apps in comparison. Canva is better in features and user experience, but when it comes to pricing, Desygner takes it all. Desygner’s price is 50% less than Canva’s. I’ve been using Canva for a long time, but I am now switching to Desygner because pricing matters to me.
Canva and Desygner have features of their own, some of which are similar, and a few belong to either of the apps only. So if pricing is not an issue, you can go for canva. You are getting Desygner Premium at a low price with only a few differences.
You can try their free trial service and choose the best for yourself.

How do you use Desygner?

To get started with Desygner, Follow the steps below:
  1. First, Download the Desygner app (Android & iOS) or Use their web app for PC. Visit Desygner from the button below.
  2. Register for an account on Desygner. You can use their free version or opt for a free 14-day trial and get started.
  3. After that, choose a design from a variety of templates and edit it and make it your own.
  4. Now, Save the design and download it on your computer or mobile device (Whichever you use).


Desygner is one of the simple graphic designing tools with numerous pre-made templates to get started. It requires no experience in the graphic designing world. Their vast image library and high-quality animations are why you’d want to use Desygner.
Even if you are a professional or a beginner, Desygner works like a charm to all. Various features come for free. Some of the features are limited and may require premium services.
Before going for their premium service, you can try their free trial for 14 days.
There are a few drawbacks, but they all get covered as they have very low-priced plans starting from INR 120 only. This price is 61% less than Canva, another similar designing tool.
It is now your time to determine whether the Desygner service is for you.

Download Desygner for your Mobile device or use it right now on your web browser.

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