Twiends: How To Free Followers in Twitter

free followers in twitter twiends
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“Free Followers on Twitter” is something that every individual would want, and I am here to show you the exact method to help you gain followers in just a matter of time.
It might be somewhat easy to get free followers on Instagram or other social media accounts. But when it comes to Twitter, it is not as easy as compared to other social media platforms.
I am here to tell you the secret to growing your Twitter followers with the help of “Twiends”
free followers in twitter twiends
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Twiends is a simple Twitter follower gaining service provider that helps people like you and me to find and follow us on Twitter.
Twiends has Twitter users based on interests and country.
You just need to add your Twitter account and start connecting yourself with their 50,000+ active users per month.

Is Twiends Legit and Safe?

In simple terms, Twiends is Legit. But read below to know why is it Legit and safe.
You will definitely get followers in Twitter using Twiends, but there are certain steps and procedures to follow. There will be other users whom you will have to follow which will increase your “Exposure Level”.
You are most likely to get more followers if you have a high exposure level.
Twiends work in an organic way. It doesn’t provide followers automatically in your account. They strongly believe in and respect the “Terms and Conditions” of Twitter.
So there is no buying of followers in Twiends.

Does it have a Paid feature?

Twiends is Free and you don’t have to pay anything to get the followers. However, you can pay to get featured on top of the list which may decrease the effort of increasing your exposure level.

How to Cancel Twiends Subscription?

You can cancel Twiends subscription any time you feel like it’s time. They have a separate page to cancel subscriptions. If you don’t want to cancel the subscription but want to take a break, then there is also a feature that will allow you to pause your subscription for 3 months.
You can also downgrade or upgrade your subscription from the current subscription.

3 Things to do before using Twiends

Twiends will work anyway and help you in getting free followers in Twitter but there are three things you must consider before applying the trick. These three things will help you get more followers in Twitter.
If you don’t do the 3 things mentioned below then you might not get much exposure level which is not a good sign.
  1. Your Twitter account must have a profile picture.
  1. Your Twitter account must have a bio, a one-line bio is good-enough.
  1. There should be at least one tweet from your account. This is the most important factor so do tweet something from your account.

How to get Free Followers on Twitter?

I’d highly recommend watching the video below as it contains a step-by-step guide on how to use Twiends and get Followers.
It is a live demonstration of Twiends along with proof.
  1. Register and authorise your twitter account.
  1. Start following people and increase your exposure (there are many other ways to increase exposure level, not just by following others).
  1. Select your interest to get followers based on your Instagram niche and also select the countries of followers that you want them to be from.
  1. Now, wait for few minutes or some times an hour or more. You will see your followers growing in your account.

Use Twiends to Get Free Followers in Twitter

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