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igtools net alternatives
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Ever since Igtools and Igpanel stopped working, there has been hype on the internet as they were one of the best sources to grow Instagram followers for free.
Today, I’m going to talk everything about Igtools, what it is, the Igtools net alternatives, etc. Even if the trick has shut down permanently, few alternatives would work the same as IG tools and Igpanel. So, keep reading to help understand and apply the trick to alternative websites.
igtools net alternatives free easy followers instagram
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Screenshot of Igtools.net website
Igtools Net was a free social media service that had helped millions of Instagram users grow their profiles. Most of the verified users used their services earlier. All of their services were free and easy to use.
Unfortunately, they’ve decided to discontinue their website. To learn more about why they discontinued their service, please continue reading.

Is Igtools Net Legit?

There wouldn’t be hype on the internet for shutting down IG Tools if it wasn’t legit. Igtools Net proved to be legit and genuine to every user. They gave what they promised, which is why even the verified users used their services, which were free of cost.
Even though there were claims that they provided bot followers, it had helped Influencers in the early days when bot followers weren’t a thing that Instagram cared about.
It proved later that the followers were real human users who created an additional account to log in to IG tools and Igpanel. However, those accounts were not active and were considered ghost followers. Instagram would ultimately consider it bot followers and remove it.

Should We Use Free Easy Followers on Instagram?

Anything free has a catch, but it was proved wrong by IG Tools. All they cared about was how to help their users grow their Instagram. It is not safe to say that we should use free followers on Instagram because there are other services on the Internet that would take your details and misuse them. However, It wasn’t a thing as such with Igtools and Igpanel.
So you can use free easy followers on Instagram from only trusted sites. Our site is one of them that provides websites that are genuine and safe to use.
All the alternative sites listed below could be trusted and used just as you do for IG tools.
Even if I say that Igtools is 100% safe to use, there are a few points that you may want to care about. And these points do apply to Igtools Alternatives.


  • It is not safe to use if you provide your main Instagram account credentials. Always create a new dummy account to log in.
  • Most followers will ultimately unfollow you because Instagram thinks they are bot followers.


  • 100% working.
  • There are various free services, not just followers.
  • Fast delivery.

List of Free Services

The list of free services offered by Igtools.
  • Free Followers
  • Free Likes
  • Instagram post saves
  • Story Views
  • Live Views
  • Poll Votes on your stories
  • Comment Likes
  • Emoji Comments
  • Video Views

How to use Igtools Net to Get Free Followers?

To use the IG tools Net to get followers, just follow the step below, or you can best read the steps shown on the Igpanel page on our site.
  1. Visit the Igtools website and click on the profile icon.
  2. Login to your Dummy Instagram account.
  3. Then, click the ‘Go to service’ button of the followers option.
  4. Finally, enter your Instagram username in which you want to get the followers and click the ‘submit’ button.

Why did Igtools Shut Down Permanently?

There is no proper reason why Igtools shut down permanently. However, they’ve mentioned that they are working on some future projects. So, we can expect something better than Igtools or Igpanel from them.

Will we ever be able to use IG Tools again?

As far as we know, IG tools shut down permanently, and we will not be able to use them again. However, there is no doubt that it could come back; it all depends on them.
We may, however, see IG tools and Igpanel in the future, but they might change the name. So they have even asked their users to stay connected with them on Telegram and Discord to stay updated about their future projects.
In simple words, yes, we may see Igtools again, but with a different name, not Igtools.

Igtools Net Alternatives

I know you’ve had enough of the Igtools issues now you want to know the exact alternatives that would help increase your followers. So, below is a list of websites that are an exact alternative to IG tools Net.
There are various websites similar to IG tools, but I have listed my three most trusted and favorite Igtools alternatives.
  1. Takipciking: It is an alternative to Igtools that will help you get followers instantly.
  1. Takipcigir: If you know how to use Igtools (or Igpanel), then you should easily grab 1000 followers in just a few days.
  1. Insta Takipci Hilesi: Another alternative to IG Tool is the InstaHelesi. This helps you boost your Instagram followers, likes, and views in just a few minutes.


Igtools Net is no longer available to us, but there are a few of the sites that stand out to be better alternatives to IG tools and Igpanel. We have also discussed why it shut down and will we get to see another IG tools in the future.
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