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takipcigir 100 free followers for ig
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I’m gaining 100 Free followers for Ig and 150 Free likes every 10 minutes with Takipcigir. Not just that, I can now get customized comments in my own posts for free.
Takipcigir also has an Unfollow option to help you know who unfollowed you on Instagram. I’ll tell you more in detail as you keep on reading.
Okay, this might sound like I’m just trying to make fool out of you but trust me, I am not.
even though you are gaining a huge amount of free followers, there are certain things you need to abide by so that your Instagram account remains safe.
After all, we are getting around 100 Free followers every 10 minutes, right?
Takipcigir 100 Free Followers for Ig is an Instagram growth service that has different tools to grow your Instagram followers, Likes, Views, Story views, comments, reels views, and many more.
They provide all these followers, likes, and others for free. However, they do have paid plans which are exceptionally good.
Give it a try on the free one and then go for paid options if that makes sense.

Is Takipcigir Legit and Safe?

Takipcigir is Legit and provides followers, likes, views, and others for real. I have used it and found it very useful.
But when it comes to Takipcigir being safe, I would say that yes it is 100% safe if you use it using a demo account.
If you use it with your main account then it might be somewhat risky, to be honest.
So use a demo account to log in if you already have one otherwise you can create a new Instagram account for demo purposes only.
Keep reading to know why and how to use the demo account in Takipcigir 100 free followers for Ig every 10 minutes.

Features and Benefits

There are many features and Benefits of Takipcigir but below are the few to be mentioned:


Some of the Amazing features of Takipcigir 100 Free followers for Ig are listed below:
  1. Free Likes Submission Tool: This tool will allow you to a good number of likes on your desired posts. You can use this unlimited times unless you have a good number of credits. It basically provides 150 likes after every 10 minutes but sometimes the number may change.
  1. Followers Sending Tool: Just like the Likes tool, This tool will allow you to gain an unlimited number of followers after every 10 minutes. However, you will have to do the process manually after every 10 minutes to get the followers.
  1. Comment Submission Tool: You can send comments on your Instagram posts to get some engagement. And Instagram favors a post that has good engagement factors. One factor is the “comments”.
  1. Story Views: You can also get views on your Instagram stories. Again, it depends on the number of credits that you have. The story views are sent at once because the Instagram stories only last for 24 hours.
  1. Non-Following / Unfollowing Users Tool: With the Unfollowing Users tool, you can detect the users that have unfollowed you but you are still following them. After detecting the users, you can also unfollow them. Similarly, you can also find out the users who follow you but you don’t follow them.

Benefits of Takipcigir 100 Free Followers Ig

Below are some of the benefits of Takipcigir:
  • You don’t have to log in to your main Instagram account if you use your demo account.
  • No Human Verification or Survey.
  • It will earn credits automatically for you. (read below to know about credits)
  • The Unfollow tool is 100% Free of Cost, you may have to pay to use it on some other sites.
  • Simple and Easy to use.
  • You can use all of the free services simultaneously.
  • They don’t have any restrictions to use the trick. No limited time is allotted, It’s free forever.
  • Their paid options have some great features. The followers, likes, and others could be refilled in the paid feature. The credits are also filled without having to follow anyone in the paid feature.

What are Credits?

Okay, before you visit Takipcigir, make sure that you have a full idea about the credits system.
You will get free followers, likes, views, comments, and others only if you have a certain amount of credits.
You don’t have to do anything to gain the credits as Takipcigir will automatically earn the credits for you.
Okay, this is how it works.
When you log in to Takipcigir with your Instagram account, that account will automatically start following and liking others’ profiles and posts. The more the account follows, likes, and views the accounts, the more credits you get.
Now, you might be thinking that this could be a risky thing to do as we are providing our passwords and they are following and liking others automatically right?
This is why we need to use the demo Instagram account.
You just have to log in with your demo Instagram account which will follow and like others to gain you credits, you can then use those credits to send followers, likes, views, comments, and others to your main Instagram account without having to log in to your main Instagram account. You just have to provide your Instagram Username.

Things to consider before using Takipcigir

There are certain things that you need to consider before applying the trick.
  • The Takipcicigir is a Turkish website so you may have to translate the page to English or Alternatively, you use the chrome browser to automatically translate it to your preferred language.
  • Your demo Instagram account should have at least 3 Instagram posts (for best), a Profile Pic, and a bio.
  • Make sure that your main Instagram account is set to Public. You can change it back to private after applying the trick.
  • Never log in with your main Instagram account, always use a demo account.
  • The followers may reduce over time but there will still be many remaining and you can always come back and grab the followers again.
  • Don’t use it too much a day, use it gradually for a healthy delivery of followers, likes, views.
  • Watch the video below, if available, for a visual explanation with live demonstration and proof.

How to get 100 Free Followers for Ig?

Follow the steps below to know how to use Takipcigir Free Followers:
  1. First, create a new account to use it as a demo account or use the demo account if you already have one.
  1. Then, Visit Takipcigir from the button below but first, read the entire steps otherwise you might end up in trouble.
  1. Now, click on the “Login” button.
legit hacks 100 free followers for ig
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  1. This is important. Enter your demo Instagram account’s credentials and click on login. (Remember, Demo account not your main account)
login page in takici gir
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  1. After that, just scroll down and look for “Followers sending tool” and click on the “Get followers” button.
takipcigir 100 free followers for ig
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  1. After doing that, Enter your main Instagram username, the username of the account on which you want to get the followers and not the demo account. And click on the “Find User” button.
takipcigir 100 free followers for ig
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  1. Then, Enter the number of followers (preferably 15 but you can add more) that you want and click on the “Start” button.
takipcigir 100 free followers for ig
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This is it. You just have to wait for the timer to end and then you will get your Free followers instantly, just go to your Instagram account and check your notifications flooded with followers.
Note: Don’t forget to use their Paid services as well.
Similar to Followers, you can use some of the other features from the site itself. The steps and processes are the same.
takipcigir 100 free followers for ig
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