Instagram Hashtags Strategy 2024 by Legit Hacks

instagram hashtags strategy
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Hashtags in Instagram play a very important role in growing your Instagram account. Instagram Hashtags Strategy has been there from the very beginning, ever since Instagram was made.
Even a basic strategy can help boost your Instagram account from nothing to a better something.
Keep reading to know how I implement hashtags for my Instagram accounts and also a little bit of details about what an Instagram hashtags strategy is and what hashtags to apply in our Posts.
Instagram Hashtags Strategy refers to various methods or techniques of using or applying Hashtags in an Instagram Post.
These strategies are intentional and could be very beneficial as you know that you are not putting some random hashtags, but the hashtags that will organically reach your post to the target audience.
In simple terms, It is simply ‘planned hashtags’ used for post boost.

Do Hashtags Strategy for Instagram increase Followers and Likes?

Yes, Hashtags will increase Instagram followers and likes if applied strategically. If not applied strategically, then it won’t increase followers or likes. This is why it is important to use a hashtags strategy for Instagram.
There are certain hashtags to target your audience if you could apply such hashtags according to your niche then there is a high chance that the viewer of your post, via the specific hashtag, will convert into followers.
The hashtags strategy is not applied just to gain followers and Likes but to reach out to a certain audience based on your Interests.

3 Types of Hashtags for Instagram

Before you learn how to implement the hashtags strategy, you must first know the 3 different hashtags in the Instagram world.
It is very important to understand these 3 types of Instagram Hashtags as it is related to and play a vital role in applying the hashtags strategy for Instagram.
  1. Small Hashtags: These hashtags are those hashtags that have from 0 – 100k Posts.
small hashtags
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  1. Medium Hashtags: Such hashtags that have from 100k – 500k Posts.
instagram hashtags strategy medium hashtags
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  1. Large Hashtags: These are hashtags that have more than 100k posts.
instagram hashtags strategy large hashtags
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Note: You can also follow hashtags so that you could see certain posts that has the followed hashtag included in the post. And the good thing about this is that the number of your following won’t increase so you can follow as many hashtags as you like.

Implement Instagram Hashtags Strategy

Choosing the right Instagram hashtags will never be as easy as it will be after reading the points below. I have listed a clear understanding of how to implement hashtags properly and the appropriate way that will help grow your Instagram.
  1. Make sure that you don’t use more than 11 hashtags per post. There is no harm in using more than 11 hashtags as Instagram itself allows you to use around 30 hashtags per post. But it is always a better practice to use 11 hashtags.
  1. Since we are allowed to use 30 hashtags, use only 10 to 20 small hashtags.
instagram hashtags strategy
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  1. Use only 5 to 10 Medium hashtags not more than that.
  1. No matter what, it is always better to use only 2 large hashtags. It is not healthy to not use large hashtags so always use large hashtags in every Instagram post that you upload.
  1. Make sure that all your hashtags are relevant to your Content/Post to increase your reach. If you post a picture of you playing guitar then you should not use hashtags that are about food or other not related to music.
Read The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram Hashtags for additional information and helpful tips regarding Instagram hashtags Strategy.

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