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how to make vector art
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Who doesn’t want to create a vector art of themselves?
Everyone is obsessed with seeing themselves as a cartoon characters. But, when we looked back a few years ago, or we can say just a year ago, It was a pain in the head to do it ourselves.
We needed some Graphic Designing Knowledge to do that. Even today, we need tools like;
  • Illustrator.
  • Sketch.
  • CorelDRAW.
  • Affinity Designer.
  • Inkscape.
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw.
And many more. But these are the traditional methods. We live in the AI world, so we’ll use the AI method.
Just buying the software is another headache, along with learning how to use it: Again, it requires time, Interest, and dedication.
Some people even hire people to make a vector art of themselves. They look for freelancers via various platforms. It was money-consuming.
But today, I will show you one trick that will save your time and make you want to do more and more.
The method that I’ll tell you will be Free, so you don’t have to worry about your pocket money.
I’m excited to share this with you, are you? If so, Let’s dive deeper into it.
The one-click method that I am going to tell is literally what you only need.
There is plenty of other Software and Apps that claim to do the work.
But are they worth enough?
I mean, they are free and do exactly what we can expect from a free software/App. However, they will only provide you with a sketchy image, not what we want.
We want vector art, a cartoon face of ourselves.
But This app doesn’t come under that category.
Yes, I am talking about an App. But, don’t worry; Anybody can use this.
The App is called “ToonApp.” It is available both for Android and iOS.
Read Requirements and Details below for more info about the App

Details and Requirements

Application Name
Mobile and Tablet
Platform/Operating System
Android and iOS
Traditional or AI-Based
Time Consume
One-Click Instant vectorize

Pros and Cons of using ToonApp

There are many Pros about the ToonApp which is not possible for me to note down here, But there are Significant advantages that you need to know:
  • For example, turn any image or picture in just one tap.
  • It is AI Powered for the best results.
  • Add Impressive layout and Background.
  • It features Epic editing with digital art filters.
  • Shareable on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Flickr, Tumblr, Snapchat, TikTok, VK, and Pinterest.
The only Con of the “ToonApp” application is that You will see a watermark in the image below, which can be removed by cropping the image.
Also, you will have to pay to get a High-Quality picture of the vectorized version. But Free does the work fine. (Check out the video below to know how to remove the watermark for free)

How to Convert any Picture into vector art?

If you’ve watched the video above, then you probably need not read this. Instead, go on to download the App. But if you want to read and have not watched the video above, I would recommend you to continue reading, but I still highly suggest you watch the video because there is a visual explanation of the App. Simple and easy.
Follow the steps below to Convert any Image into Vector art:
  • First, download the App from the Download button below. (Android and iOS).
Open the App and Allow everything that pops out.
  • You can then select the Picture that you want to vectorize from the images available. Or click the “+” icon and select the image from your phone gallery or click an instant picture.
  • It will then Analyze the picture; You can crop the image after that.
  • Click “OK’ or the Tick mark after cropping the image.
  • You will have to wait for few seconds for the A.I to vectorize your image. That’s it; you have the cartoon version of yourself.
  • You can then design it with some filters and Backgrounds. Finally, click save to download the vector art.
Don’t forget to watch the video above to know how to download the Vector art without a watermark.
Please wait for the 60 seconds timer for the Button to load
Download “ToonApp” for Android
Download “ToonApp” for iOS
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