Instagram Mistakes to Avoid (What not to do on Instagram)

instagram mistakes to avoid (what not to do on Instagram)
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Growing your Instagram followers is not a joke. You need to be cautious about everything that you do or post.
People with millions of followers didn’t just happen. They make sure that they are maintaining healthy habits and avoiding the stupid mistakes that every ordinary Instagrammer makes.
So below are 5 Instagram mistakes to avoid (What not to do on Instagram).
This has been a controversial topic over the Internet. We have seen celebrities buying followers and growing their reach but the truth is to avoid buying followers from any random sites.
However, there are certain sites that provide followers that are real human so you can use them but again, you should very cautious and think twice or thrice before going for it.
Here’s why you should avoid buying followers:
  • You have to pay money which doesn’t sound right.
  • Most of the followers are ghost followers (But not all of the sites do that).
  • Too many bot followers may get your account terminated.
  • Your engagement rate will reduce drastically if you have too many ghost followers.
  • Instagram doesn’t appreciate buying followers.
So, avoid buying followers and take your precious time to actually connect with people and try to grow your followers organically.

Low-Quality Images

Using low-quality images will make the viewers lose interest in your posts. So try to upload the highest quality of the image.
Moreover, Instagram automatically compresses the image quality to the lower version of its original quality. So Instagram will compress and reduce the image quality of the low resolution to its lowest version.

Not being Active (Instagram Mistakes)

You need to be active and consistent on Instagram o grow your followers and keep them engaging.
If you are posting multiple times a day and then you are not posting anything on the other day then that’s when you are affecting Instagram engagement.
So, try to post consistently every day or at least 3 posts per week to maintain consistency.

Ignoring Followers

We talked about engagement in the above point, and therefore, we know how important it is to have an engaging post.
But if you are not replying to any of the comments or then you are most likely affecting your Instagram engagement.
Even if your posts are getting some engagement from the viewers’ end, it’s a big Instagram Mistake to avoid the comments and not reply from our end.
Make sure that you are checking your DMs regularly and try to reply as much as possible. I know, it is humanly not possible to reply to every individual but at least try to reply as much as you can.
Ignoring your viewers simply means not having any zeal to grow your Instagram account.

Not checking Insights/Analytics

instagram mistakes to avoid (what not to do on Instagram)
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If you are not checking your Instagram Analytics/Insights that you are missing so many things.
Analytics will help you figure out what’s the best time to post on Instagram and many more.
But to check your Insights/Analytics, you need to Change your Instagram from a Personal account to a Professional account.
Watch the video below to learn how to switch from a personal account to a professional account.
Also, Instagram Insights are available to be viewed only via Mobile. However, you can view the Insights on your computer using some third-party tools.

Instagram Mistakes Conclusion

Now that we know the 5 Instagram Mistakes to avoid, we need to keep in mind and try to avoid such silly mistakes. Just avoid these for a week and see the difference in the growth of your Instagram account.
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