Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Business in 2022

Instagram marketing tips
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So you have just started your Digital Business and still trying to figure out where to start and how to start?
Well, I’m going to help you get started with your new business via Instagram.
Instagram, with its growth, has now become one of the essential factors of Online Marketing. Unfortunately, many other small Businesses are not Utilising Instagram for Business.
It would be best if you weren’t one of them. Instagram Marketing can be tricky to hear, But it’s a simple thing to consider.
Follow my 6 Instagram Marketing Tips to Get started. Remember, These are Tips just to get started. There are plenty more tips and will help you dive even more profound; Again, These Tips will be enough for you now. After that, you can get the most out of it.
Do You Have a Business Account Yet?
If No, you were Then Considered Changing it into Business. I am not asking you to change your account into a Business account. You can use your account for your personal use.
Do you even have an account specifically for your Business?
Well, It is mandatory to have a separate account for your Business.
Create a New Account for your Business here, And then I’ll tell you how to create a Professional Account. But before that, get some idea about how a Business account could benefit you.

Benefits of using a Business Account

You can’t view or unlock some features if you don’t have a Business account. Some of the most Powerful features are kept in reserve for Business Account only.
Creating a Business Account is 100% Free, By the way.
  • Some Insights features will allow you to view the Analytics. This is available only for Business Account.
  • There is a feature that will allow you to add a call-to-action button to your profile. Again, This is available only for Professional accounts.
  • You can set up your on-Platform online store.
  • It is also easy to create Ads without Facebook Ads, directly within Instagram.
  • Also, You can even add your contact information as well.

How to Create a Professional Account?

instagram marketing tips
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After you are done creating a separate account for your Business (or if you already have a different account).
Remember, there are two types of accounts that come under the Professional account.
  1. Business Account: A business account is meant for retailers, brands, organizations, local businesses, service providers, etc.
  2. Creator Account: Creator account is meant for artists, influencers, Content producers/creators, etc.
You can select what best defines your account. But Since it’s a Business thing, You can go for the Business Account.
Follow the steps below to create a Business account.
Visit your Instagram profile and click the menu bar that’s available on the top-right. And then, Click Settings > Account > Switch to a professional account. After that, Select a Business or Creator account and then follow the instructions that they will provide.

Be Clear about your Goals

You have started your business and are now ready to kick-start with digital marketing. But do you know that without specific goals in your head, You are most likely foolish your ideology and following the next step to your business’s downfall?
“Not having a goal set up for your Instagram marketing is like driving a car round and round in the same circuit without a destination.”
Here is some example of Instagram Marketing Goals.
  • Make others know about your Brand.
  • You are reaching a larger audience.
  • Selling a good number of Products.
  • Building your Brand Reputation.
  • Converting leads into paying customers.

Use Free Tools to Enhance Your Instagram Marketing

The First Impression is the Last. This may sound boring, but we cannot ignore the fact that it is true.
We need to make our Instagram Business Profile Look Fantastic. It should be eye Catching and Grab your customers’ attention.
Here are 2 tools that I use Personally for my Business works and other side hustles. By the way, They are all free.
  • Canva: You can create High-Quality images for your Instagram posts. They have various templates that will help you get started. However, there is so much more than you can do with Canva. Also, You can click the banner to get started right now.

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  • Grammarly: If you don’t use this, then you should stop doing Business. As a business owner, your content and caption should look as well as sound Professional. I  know that not everyone is good at English. This is why I want you to use Grammarly. It will make your life easier by helping you correct your spelling automatically. It will simply format your halfway English into Professional English.

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You will get pretty much everything in the Free Version But going for the paid option will definitely help you take your Instagram Business Profile to Next Level.
There are many more that I could mention, but these two are the ones that I use every day.

Know Your Audience

This is the crucial factor of Digital Marketing. If you don’t know your audience, then your Business is bound to fail. In fact, Why are you even doing a Business? Don’t get terrified. But this was just another straightforward way to grab your attention. You indeed need to know your audience, but everyone doesn’t need to be aware of it.
There may be millions and millions of users on Instagram, but those users are not meant for everyone. For example, some music lovers may go for the musical kinds of stuff, and there be some others such as the Beauticians or girls who will go for the beauty products.
So you should know your Niche and try to target such an audience.
Also, other factors should be considered:
  • Demographics: Age and Gender are some of the demographics to be considered.
  • Geography
  • Others
Target the Audience interested in your Business Products or anything else—keeping in mind that which age group or gender, or other available may find interest in your Product.

Look for Your Competitors

This is another Instagram Marketing Tips that is Important, so dive deeper into this.
Now that you know who your audience is, It is now time to understand your competitors.
Look for the accounts that come under your niche or are doing things similar to what you do. Note a list of Competitors.
Also, List down the Competitors that are already Successful or on the run for Success. 
Now, After defining your Competitors, Head over to their Pages. Try to figure out the Things listed below after you visit the page.
  • Check how many followers do they have?
  • What do they post, and How often do they post?
  • Which type of post that they are posting generates more engagement?
  • What are the Hashtags that they are using?
  • Are they using the additional features of Instagram, such as the reels, stories, and the IGTV?
You can look for your competitors from the search option available on Instagram.
After Figuring out the points mentioned above, You don’t have to replicate what they do for their Business but Grab some ideas alongside Opportunities. Although, You can utilize some of them, such the hashtags, etc. But be cautious about what you are doing for your business and not theirs.

Increase Your Instagram Followers

Look, If you don’t have an Audience, then You don’t have leads. You don’t have leads; then you don’t have to pay Customers. This means that all your efforts are going in vain.
You will have to Increase your Instagram followers and Likes to Drive Attention to your Business. Your followers are most likely the ones who are going to decide whether your Products deserve to be on top or not. Furthermore, it is them whose engagement will help others know more about your business.
Some of the tips above will give you some Organic followers if you abide by them.
Having Followers gives value to your Account. I mean, who doesn’t know what followers do for an Instagram account?
It is always better to use Organic ways to Gain followers, But They might sometimes be time-consuming.
So If you want some Instant followers, then Consider reading the posts below.


Now that you have gained enough followers from the posts mentioned above. It is now time to get some engagement into your Posts.
It would be best if you had comments, Likes, and others to keep your account engaging. You can get comments from one of the posts above. But for Likes, I have Two Special Tricks for you.
After 60 seconds, you will see two buttons below, which will take you to the place where you can grab the Free Instagram Likes. Of course, the same account could use both tricks, meaning they are two different methods to gain likes. One of them might even get you free Instagram Followers.
Method #2 (Free Instagram Followers & Likes)
Method #3 (Free Instagram Likes)
Method #Bonus (Free Instagram Likes)
Watch the video above to know how to use the Bonus Method.
It’s effortless and Simple, Just Like Method 2, But this one has a few more steps. But one good thing is that the Bonus Method Provides the Likes Instantly.

Bonus Method is even better, but you’ll have to watch the video above.

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