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free instagram followers ios
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Getting Free Instagram followers iOS is so much complicated than any other platform like Android etc.
There are many ways and tricks available to get you Free Instagram followers. But they are only available either for android or other operating systems.
The ones that are available for iOS are either useless or not worth it. So today, I’m going to tell you one Special Trick only for iPhone, iPad, or any device with the iOS operating system, which will help you grow your Instagram followers for iOS, 100% Free.
To get free Instagram followers iOS, The only thing we need is an App that will give us Free Instagram followers.
Well, Worry no more.
I have come up with one good app that will help us gain more Instagram followers. This App will not only give us followers but also give us Free Instagram Likes.
The App that we are going to use is called “HotTags.”
Read below for more information about the App.
free instagram followers ios
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Is this free Instagram Followers iOS App Safe?

This is the first thing that pops out: if the trick that we are using is safe or not? Is it healthy for my Account?
My Answer is simple Yes.
This App has a Special feature that will stop you from getting coins after a specific time interval. By the way, we are going to get followers by spending coins. So earning coins requires you to follow somebody else or like somebody else’s posts. So following too much at a time is not healthy for your account, which is why they have this feature that is safe instead.
Another thing why this free Instagram followers iOS is safe is because of its gradual delivery; They don’t deliver the followers instantly. They will instead give it slowly and naturally, as we know that getting too many followers at once is a risk factor for your account from being banned.
Many other features make this trick even safer.

How to Use HotTags App?

Using this free Instagram followers iOS app is a No Brainer. Anyone can use this App and get followers and Likes unless they have an iOS Device.
This app has the basic functionality of Coins and Followers, and Likes. Meaning, You will have to earn coins to spend them on getting followers and Likes.
There are various ways of getting coins, so following and liking others is not the only way to get coins. Some of the other methods include watching videos, giving reviews, and many others.
Bonus Feature: Another good feature about this app is that you can generate coins automatically. You don’t have to keep on pressing to get the coins. It will automatically generate coins for you and stop generating once the time limit is over, which is safe for our Instagram account.

How to Download HotTags App?

To download the App, All you need to do is follow the Steps Below:
  • Firstly, Wait for the 60 seconds timer below.
  • Then, You will see a “Download Now” Button.
  • Click the “Download Now” Button.
  • After that, You will be taken to a new page; scroll Down to the New page.
  • There, You will see a Google ReCaptcha Check box.
  • Click the ReCaptcha and verify.
  • And then, Click the Terms and Conditions Check box.
  • Finally, click the Download Button.
You will then be taken to the App Store, click the Install Button, and Download the App.

Note: This app is not found using search terms, so it’s better to use the provided steps to Download/Install the App.

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