4 Things Beginner YouTubers Ignores in 2022 (Big Mistakes)

beginner youtubers mistakes
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You have freshly created your YouTube Channel with specific goals in mind. Your video has been recorded, edited, and is now ready to Publish. Wait! That’s not enough.
Uploading a video on YouTube is that simple; I mean, anyone can do that. But getting the video reach out to a broader audience is a whole heck of a thing, and It’s Not Easy.
Don’t worry! I’ve been there, and so I’m here to help you out.
I’m going to tell you ‘4 tips for beginner YouTubers that I have implemented on my YouTube Channel. These are not just tips but are things that every beginner YouTuber ignores; We can call ‘Big Mistakes.’
These are the few things among many that I have looked into my Channel personally. I have found it helpful, and it has helped me grow my Channel drastically.

Doing things after the video is Published

Most of the Beginner Youtubers don’t know about it, Including me; if I had done this in my beginning stage, then I wonder where my channel would have been now. Better late than Never; I apply this now, and It works for me like a Charm.
Now, by doing things beforehand, what I mean is that You need to be ready with everything.
You need not hurry in Publishing your video.
Let me be clear here;

Create your Thumbnail beforehand

Please don’t wait for uploading or Publishing your video. It would be best if you created your Thumbnail even before you recorded your video.
But that’s somewhat weird. For specific reasons, you might need to change the thumbnail later. So my perfect suggestion is that you make the Thumbnail right after you have recorded or edited your video.
In other others, Your Thumbnail should be your second priority after recording and editing your video. So spend your time creating your Thumbnail as much as you do for recording and editing your video.


Use YouTube's Clickable Tools in your videos before Publishing the Video

Most of us ignore and try to do it later, And we feel like there is nothing wrong with it. But we are missing an excellent opportunity to promote some of our other videos via the video we are uploading.
The Clickable tools include:
  • End Screens: these are still thumbnail images at the top of your video at the end where you’ll remind people to subscribe or insert another call to action before YouTube’s algorithm moves them on to the following video. You can add the channel subscribe screen, your playlist, and video screen.
  • Cards: these are a line of texts that pops out in parts of your video clickable. You can add either videos, playlists or links, or even Channel links.
  • Branding Watermarks: this is an additional subscribe button that will hover over your video throughout, even full-screen. People can subscribe to your channel if they click the branding watermark.
see the image below:
beginner youtubers
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Many others can be included in the list, but these two seemed very important to me.
Doing things beforehand will help you save your time but also helps you promote your video as early as possible leading to Channel growth.

Not Being Friendly enough to Build Community

This is one of the secret Mantras that I apply on my Channel.
As a beginner, getting a single comment on our video is so overwhelming. But if we get one single hate comment, then our heart is devastated and doesn’t feel like doing YouTube again (I’ve been there).
Yes, You heard it right.
This is what I’ve been doing all this time ever since I created my Channel.
You can reply to him, saying like, “Hello, I’m sorry that you felt that way; I didn’t mean to post something meaningless. However, could you please help me out by letting me know how I could improve my videos or at least the errors that I could ponder upon?”
Replies will melt their heart, and they would want to reply to you politely.
This doesn’t work for everyone as some of the people are made of stone hearts.
Your Friendly and Humble nature will help you build community.

How to Build a Community?

It would be best if you built a community.
Try to be as engaging as possible; remember, a video with more engagement is one good SEO factor for ranking your video.
Try to Reply to every possible comment. Most of the viewers subscribe to your channel because they got a reply from you.
No matter how big or small your channel is, never miss any comment. I know, later, when your channel grows, it will be a difficult task for you to reply to every individual.
So at that time, what you can do is try to respond to the first 20 to 30 comments.
Note: The more you can reply, even when your channel is significant, the more you have the chance to convert them into subscribers because getting a reply from a big enough channel is so much more than what an average viewer could imagine.
Pro Tip: Reply to them by their name. For Example; Thank you so much, John!

Changing Title, Description, Tags after the Video is Published

I know how important it is to change your title, description, and tags when wrongly applied.
It is acceptable in some instances, and I would ask you to change it.
But if that’s not the case, you should never change your Title, Description, or tags.

Changing either title, description, or tags, or all of them at once, will give a signal to the YouTube algorithm to re-analyze the video all over again. It will affect your video if it is already blowing up. 

Although, after the algorithmic process is complete, It might get back to normal depending on how you’ve changed your Title, Tags, and Description.

But it’s always a risk factor, so if it’s not necessary, then don’t do it.

Not Asking Viewers to Subscribe

I hope you are not missing this.
This might sound silly, but it is one of the most effective tricks to get people to subscribe to your channel.
Almost every Beginner YouTubers are missing on this; however, some are aware of it and are still applying it on their Channel.
Don’t you ever forget to remind your viewers to subscribe to your Channel?
This will signify that you are confident about your content and that they will benefit from it.
I forget to Like or Subscribe to a Channel even if the content is worth it. So I usually get reminded by them when still watching the video.
Please don’t do it too much; once per video is good enough.
So these were some of my tips for Beginner YouTubers or Some of the Mistakes that a Beginner YouTuber makes.
Do you make these mistakes? Or Was it Helpful? Do let me know in the Comments section below.
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