How to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2022

how to get youtube subscribers
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Today, I’m going to show you how I got 200 youtube subscribers in just a day.
This is one of the oldest tricks yet effective, and it still works today.
Some of you might know this trick, but many of you still don’t.
Continue reading, and I’ll show you what I exactly did and How I got it so that you can follow the same trick and implement it in your Channel. I’ll explain everything in detail with proof and Illustrations.

YouTube is Very Strict when it comes to its Policies and Guidelines.

So gaining YouTube Subscribers from various sources against YouTube’s Community Guidelines will surely land your YouTube Channel in trouble.

It might even get your account terminated for life. So coming back to the point, Is this YouTube Subscriber trick safe and Organic?

Well, Yes, It is 100% safe, Organic, and Legal.

You don’t have to worry as the trick complies with YouTube’s Community Guidelines, So it is risk-free. 

This is more like a strategy than just a trick.

How are we going to get YouTube Subcribers?

Use this Image as a Reference for Further Understanding within the Post.

how to get youtube subcribers
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In the Above Image, In my Channel Analytics, in the subscribers’ tab.
You can see that I got only 129 subscribers on the 8th of March. This is what I usually get If I upload a video on a particular day.
Otherwise, it is even less than that if there is no video uploaded.
But, You can see that the subscribers have risen from an average of 100s to 207 on the 9th of march.
And the good thing is that there was no video uploaded.
Now, I’m going to tell you how I got 200 Youtube Subscribers and how you can do it.
But before that, you might have noticed some decrease in the number of subscribers the day after, even when a new video was posted.
I have a reason for that, and I’ll tell you soon, But first, let’s know what the trick is.

Revealing the Trick

Okay, So the trick that I applied is called “The Subscribe Link” trick.

how to get youtube subcribers
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Some of you might have noticed that I have started posting a Link that says “Don’t click this link” in my video descriptions.
(If you follow me on YouTube) What we are actually doing here is that we are creating a subscribe prompt link.
So whenever a Person clicks the link, He/She will be taken to a screen where they are prompt to subscribe.
Some people may still not subscribe, but many of us will subscribe for sure.

Why this trick works and How do we get people to click on the link?

There is no rocket science behind this. But, there is a fortunate Psychology involved behind the trick. Let’s know How.
Well, it’s simple. You have noticed that I wrote, “Don’t Click This Link.” Check out My Channel and Videos if you overlooked that. This sentence itself has suspense built-in. We, as humans, are curious to do something that is told us not to do. Such corrections like “Don’t click this link” will undoubtedly make us curious about what’s inside the link, and we undoubtedly tend to click the link. Now, Once we click the Link, We are prompt to subscribe. Primarily out of generosity, we do subscribe. If not, It still works as a reminder to subscribe to the solid content you gave them.

Why did the YouTube Subscribers decrease on the Next Day?

Now, I’ll tell you the reason why the subscribers were decreased right after applying the trick.

Actually, I was trying and testing this trick if it really matters. So I took away the don’t click links from some of my top-performing videos. And this was the result, I only got 171 Subscribers. (See top Image for Reference)

Proof that this Trick Works

how to get youtube subcribers
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From the Above Image. (See Top Image for Subscriber Reference)

When we go to our views tab, You can see that we got 20232 views on the 8th of March.
The number of subscribers was typical as we usually get after posting a video, But on the 10th of march, we only got 19718 views.
And remember that we didn’t even upload a video that day, but we could get 207 subscribers.
Now on the 11th of march, we got 19718 views which are still more than 19 thousand 108 subscribers, but we only got 171 subscribers that day because I was testing on the trick.
So I concluded that this trick matters and had brought a lot of positive change in subscriber number in my channel.

How to create a YouTube Subscribe Link?

All you have to do is go to your channel Page And Copy the URL of your YouTube Channel.
This is how a YouTube Channel’s URL looks Like:
And then, you’ll have to add ?sub_confirmation=1 to the end of it.
So the Final Link Should Look Like this:

An alternate way to get Channel ID if not available

Use this method to get your Channel URL with ID only if the above method doesn’t work.

You can copy the channel ID from the settings > Advanced setting.
You can then copy the ID from there (see image above) and then add it after and then finally add ?sub_confirmation=1.
This is how the Final Link will look:

How to Copy the Channel ID from Mobile Device?

To Copy your Channel ID From Mobile Device; Go to your Browser > Switch it to Desktop mode > Visit and Use the Either of the above-mentioned methods to Copy the Link.

Now, I cannot guarantee you that you will get 200 subscribers a day, but I can assure you that this trick will help you in the long run. It is always better to do something and get a small benefit out of it than nothing at all.
My channel is just growing, and so I got 200 followers, but you might get even more if your channel is more prominent than mine, or you might get a little less than me if your channel is smaller than mine.
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