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You’ve tried everything and every other possible ways but you can’t seem to go viral on TikTok?
Well, I’ve been there and done that.
And I don’t want you to go further with it. I have been through it and I know it’s all worthless.
So to make it easy for you, I have come up with 6 tips, tricks, hack, or whatever, you name it to go viral on TikTok easily.
Keep reading to know how I helped myself to go viral on TikTok which will be helpful for your TikTok videos to go viral as well.
Before I tell you the 6 tips, I’d also want you to know if it’s easy to go viral on TikTok or not. And if it is hard, I have listed down the 6 best tips to make it easier to go viral on TikTok.
You are reading this post because you already know that it’s not as easy as it seems to go viral on TikTok.
But here’s the good news.
It is easy to go viral on TikTok. However, the process may take a little patience. But trust me it won’t take as much time as you’ve waited to try to make viral your TikTok videos earlier.
Follow the tips below to know how to go viral on TikTok easily in just a few days from now.

What Videos Go Viral on TikTok?

Look, there is no specific type of video that will go viral on TikTok. The only type of videos that goes viral is the ones that people are most likely to engage with.
However, with years of experience, I have understood the TikTok Algorithm so much so that now I know which type of videos are most likely to be approached by TikTok to most of the users.
Below is the list of videos that could really go viral on TikTok.

Short Videos

Try to make short videos. TikTok is known for short videos and people tend to react more to short videos than that to longer videos.
Short videos don’t mean you have to make them short all the time. But try to make it as interesting as possible. Sometimes, to make an interesting video, you may have to extend the video length and that’s totally okay. Just be cautious about which video to make longer and which to make shorter.
Remember that TikTok favors short videos over longer ones.

Faceless Videos togo Viral on TikTok

Earlier, faceless videos didn’t seem to work at all. But now with the updated TikTok Algorithm, Faceless TikTok videos seem to be ruling TikTok now.
Here are some Faceless video ideas that could help your TikTok video go viral.
  1. Slideshows: Use different images to make a presentation or step-by-step process videos. These videos blow up easily with the engagement of their viewers.
tips to go viral on tiktok
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  1. Whiteboard Videos: Make hand-drawn videos to explain concepts and others. You can make whiteboard videos for various topics, not just concept videos. Whiteboard videos are other versions of faceless videos that TikTok would favor.
  1. Animations: Animations are a  great way to make yourself visible on TikTok without actually showing your face. You can make entertaining animations or some informative animations. Animations videos have no boundaries, so you can make any type of video with them.
  1. Text Video: Start creating videos by adding meaningful text to them. It could be a tutorial video or any other video. You can make it even better by adding beautiful audio (Background music) along with a perfect background image. Again, you can use multiple images. Text videos are going viral more than any other videos on TikTok when it comes to the tutorial types of videos.

Audio choice for Viral TikTok

Audio on TikTok plays a very important role when it comes to going viral on TikTok. The right choice of audio for your videos really helps you reach out to a larger audience.
Try to add your own audio. You connect a little more closely with your followers when you add your own audio to your TikTok videos.
This is also a smart move to help the TikTok algorithm understand the song, what’s on it, and pick up on words. This could boost your video ranking on TikTok.
Also, if you don’t have any idea about adding your own audio then choosing audios that are trending could be very helpful. Look for audios that are viral on TikTok specifically.

Storytelling videos to go Viral on TikTok

tips to go viral on tiktok
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Making videos using various tools isn’t enough. If that’s the case then almost every video would go viral on TikTok.
People on TikTok seek Storytelling. If you can make videos that could tell a story then they will come back and look for another video from you.
You can make a series of videos that would give value to them and there couldn’t be any better storytelling videos.
Example: If you are making a guitar tutorial video then you can break it down into various parts. Such as the verse, chorus, bridge, etc.
This example is only about Guitar Tutorial, Storytelling could be of any topic.

Interactive Video

Interactive videos increase your engagement rate and higher the chance to go viral on TikTok.
Make videos that tell your viewers in some way to like, comment, and share.
Also, don’t forget to engage with your viewers as well. If someone writes a comment on your video, don’t fail to reply to them with a positive attitude.
Your positive attitude can convert random viewers into followers.

How much TikTok Videos to Make per Day?

Consistent is key but you cannot post any random videos now and then. Even if your videos are worth watching, it is not a healthy practice to post anything and everything at any time or anytime.
So, it is highly recommended to make 3 videos per day. I know, I said don’t post anything at any time but trust me 3 videos every day will really help you go viral on TikTok.
3 videos a day may sound a little more to some of you. But that’s the minimum number of videos to be made and posted on TikTok every day.
I’d rather suggest you make 5 to 6 videos a day, only if possible.

Be Choosy When Using Hashtags

I am not here to tell you about Hashtags Strategy. You have heard too much about Hashtags and you hate to read about it on every post.
So I will only tell you to choose hashtags wisely!
Don’t use random hashtags. Such hashtags mislead viewers and the TikTok algorithm hates misleading people with such hashtags.
tips to go viral on tiktok hashtags
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Instead, use TikTok Hashtags that are both associated with your video and your overall niche.
The best number of hashtags is 3 to 5 hashtags. Don’t go higher than 5 hashtags and less than 3 hashtags.

When to Go Live on TikTok?

how to go live on tiktok on iphone legit hacks
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This is similar to uploading videos but here you don’t actually upload videos but rather go live and interact with your viewers.
Every Live video on TikTok has its own chance of hitting the For You Page (FYI) that help you go viral on TikTok.
You need to understand your audience’s activeness. Try and find the time when your viewers or followers are most active. It is when you can go viral on TikTok via your live video.
I’d suggest you go live once a week. Going “Live” too much can reduce the cravings of your viewers. So keep them hungry for you and go live once a week.

Engage with Top Creator in your Niche

Okay, this is going to be more like a hack than a tip.
The first thing that you’re gonna have to do is to look for a top creator that comes under your niche (if verified creator then better), on TikTok. After that, just wait for them to post a new video.
Once they post a new video, try to be the first one to comment on that video. The rest of the viewers would engage with your comment and if the topic seems hot then you can even go viral on TikTok.
tips to go viral on tiktok comments top influencers
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Even if you fail to be the first to comment on the big influencer’s video, there is a high chance for you to go viral if you just keep on engaging in their videos by replying comments to others (with a positive attitude, and meaningful replies).
But Don’t go and spam on someone’s videos, this will only degrade your TikTok from going viral at all.
Only comment on things that are meaningful and make sense with the video.

Follow the Trends

Follow the trends! Whether it’s a commenting trend, a video trend, or a live trend. try and incorporate what’s popular into your content to help boost your day-to-day engagement.
So these were my tips to go viral on TikTok. These 6 tips or hacks would help you go viral in just a matter of time. If you follow the tips and apply them to your TikTok then you could be the next big Influencer.
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