10 Best Free Apps to Make Instagram Reels (IG Reels)

10 best free apps to make instagram reels
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Making Instagram reels is as simple as clicking a recording button. But did you know that it could be a lot better than just a video with the Instagram filters on?
Yes, you read it right.
I’m going to tell you my favorite and best apps to make Instagram reels.
I am not going to tell you one app but 10 different apps for different purposes. But they are all meant to help you make better IG reels.
Now, read through to create eye-catching and engaging content for your IG reels.

Get Aesthetic filters and effects for your Instagram reels with Filto. You are not an influencer if you are not using the Filto app to make Instagram reels.

apps to make instagram reels filto
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This app is free to download.
You can download Filto on Android. It is also available to download on iOS devices.
Life Lapse: Stop Motion & Hyperlaspe maker helps you do the same as it says in its name.
Reels and TikTok videos are known for Stop Motion and you easily create one with just a click with Life Lapse.
is life lapse stop motion and hyper lapse free
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No editing skill is required to make the best stop motion and Hyperlapse. You just have to select a filter, video ratio, and song.
This app is also free to download both on Android and iOS
apps to make instagram reels preview app
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PREVIEW app helps you easily plan your Reels and schedule them. It can be applied to all of your Instagram posts, IGTVs, and Instagram Stories.
PREVIEW is Officially approved by Instagram and so it is 100% Safe to use.
You can download the Preview app for Free both on Android and iOS devices.
Trend Tok app will help you find new trends and Viral songs for your Instagram reels. You can also use it to generate trending hashtags.
is trendtok free
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Is TrendTok Free?

Yes, TrendTok is Free for its users to make better Instagram reels. However, they do have the “Pro” version which includes the full inventory, personalization features, and library of trends.
“Basic” (Free) version does the work fine.

TrendTok Features

  • Find personalized trends for you.
  • Analyze so that you can predict new trends.
  • Save trending sounds that are viral among other video platforms such as TikTok.
  • Discover Trends that are going viral near you or are in your category. Discover your favorite creator.
  • know top trends that are used by top creators.
Trend Tok is currently available only for iOS users. However, the Android version is in the process to launch so stay tuned for it.

TikSave is useful to download the TikTok videos without watermark and logo so that you could post them as Insta reels.

apps to make instagram reels
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This app is currently available only on iOS devices. However, Android users can download any one of the TikSave alternatives from the play store.
VN Video Editor will help you make cool transitions in your Instagram Reels.
This is one cool video editing app that almost every big influencer uses to make great IG Reels.
It comes with special effects like transition effects, curve shifting, filter adjustment, reverse & zoom, picture-in-picture, and keyframe animation.
apps to make instagram reels vn video editor
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VN Video Editor is free to download and use for your Instagram reels.
It is available to download on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.
Use Canva for animated Intros and Outros.
Everyone knows about Canva and its features. But many don’t know that they can use it to create amazing intro and outro for their reels.
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Canva is available to download both on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. You can also use their web version if you don’t want to install the app.
It is free to download and install.
Use Vcus for Animated templates and transitions for your Insta reels video.
It helps you make professional-quality videos in just one click.
apps to make instagram reels vcus app
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This app to make Instagram reels are free to download.
Vcus is available only for iOS users. It is also sad to know that it is available in certain regions/countries.
Instagram itself has a variety of filters to make a better reels video. But you can take it to the next level with the help of the CapCut app.
CapCut helps you get filters and beauty effects that are better than the ordinary filters which are available on Insta.
capcut apps to make instagram reels
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CapCut is available on iOS and Android devices. But it also has the issue of unavailability in certain regions/countries.
InShot can be used to make voiceovers for your IG reels.
It is also best known for its powerful video editing features which are simple and easy to use.
apps to make ig reels inshot
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InShot is best for reels and TikTok videos.
You can download it for free both on Android and iOS devices.
These are the 10 different apps to make Instagram reels and take it to a next level. Remember that each app works differently and provides you with different features and styles to apply in your IG reels.
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