TikBoom – Get Free TikTok Fans in 2022

tikboom free tiktok fans
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  • Will I ever be able to get 1000 followers on TikTok?
  • How do I get some likes on my TikTok videos?
  • How do I grow on TikTok if I can’t have 100 followers?
  • What should I do to increase my followers on TikTok?
If you have any of these questions coming to your mind frequently, then you are in the right place. In this article, I’ll talk about the app called TikBoom, which will answer all your questions and solve the problem of not being able to grow on TikTok.
I have been telling people about the various ways and methods to grow on TikTok for years. All the applications and websites I suggest to you are personally used by me, and I am sharing all the information based on my experience with the tools I use. Likewise, today, I have the TikBoom App.
The app comes in various types. Each works differently based on the device (operating system) you are using, so read the rest of the article to know everything about it.
TikBoom is a name for many TikTok Growth Tools that includes services like free TikTok fans, hearts, views, etc. There is not just one specific app, but many with the same name. Not every app with the title ‘TikBoom’ provides followers and likes. Some of them are just random hashtag tools. So I have come up with two apps to increase followers and likes.

Does it work for Real? Is it legit?

The hashtags and captions types work well to generate better captions for your article. However, that’s not the app we are looking for now. So, let me be clear about the type of Tikboom app we’ll use. The app 100% works and sends the followers and likes in time. It is legit, but there are a few drawbacks that could be harmful to your TikTok account. Still, It can be a no issue if you apply the trick strategically.
While there are drawbacks, there are also many reasons to use the app. Before you know them, read the benefits below.


The benefits of the TikBoom app are as followers:
  • It helps you kickstart by giving your free TikTok fans.
  • It boosts your morale and makes you want to grow more positively.
  • You can watch videos to get followers. No need to follow others.
  • They provide free TikTok fans, hearts, and views.
  • This version of the app is coin-based.
  • The increased number of followers in your TikTok profile will attract brand opportunities.
  • TikTok hearts and views can boost your profile organically.

Drawbacks of using Free TikTok Fans App

Even if I say that Tikboom is legit, it is no surprise that it could be harmful if not used rightly. Below are a few drawbacks that you may have to tackle:
  1. Using services provided by these apps is not 100% safe. You may have to provide your login details or have other security issues. However, the version of the apps that I am going to share does not ask for credentials. It’s safe.
  2. You need to know your limit on its usage. Overuse can get your account banned. So, use it cautiously.
  3. The app versions that I am going to share contain tons of ads that could be annoying.

Types of TikBoom App

As I already said, TikBoom is the name of more than one app. The hashtags and captions app is one of them. But I am trying to be clear about this. Many apps offer free TikTok fans and hearts but have names like “TikTok Captions & Hashtags.” The two types of TikBoom apps are as follows:
  1. TikBoom – Boost Likes & Fans: This app is only available on iOS devices. Only your username is needed to start getting followers and likes.
Tikboom boostlikes & fans ios
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  1. TIkboom – followers&Likes for TK: This is a version of the app that works only on Android devices. It uses the coin-based method to send fans and hearts to your TikTok account.
tikboom free tiktok fans app android
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TikBoom iOS Vs. TikBoom Android

Here is a quick comparison between the Android version and the iOS version.
TikBoom iOS
TikBoom Android
The iOS version does not require following others to earn coins.
You need to follow and like other profiles to earn coins.
There are only two ways to gain coins – Watching videos and Completing offer walls.
The Android version has a lot of ways to get coins.
Free TikTok fans and hearts are delivered quickly.
It takes longer than the iOS version to deliver the likes and followers.
TikBoom iOS contains a lot of annoying ads.
TikBoom Android contains ads, but it’s not as annoying as the iOS app.

How to download the TikBoom Apps?

There are two ways you can download the apps:
  1. You can download the apps from the Playstore or the App Store. However, you may not find the specific apps mentioned here as there are tons of apps with the same name.
  2. Follow the button below to download the specified apps. It will direct you to the Play Store or the AppStore where you will find the original apps.

How to get Free TikTok Fans?

To get free TikTok fans using the TikBoom apps, follow the instructions below:
  1. First, download the app.
  1. After Installing the app, Open the app and enter your TikTok username.
tikboom free tiktok fans
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  1. Now, start earning coins.
free tiktok fans
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  1. Finally, spend your coins to get free TikTok fans and hearts.
free tiktok fans and hearts
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Note: These apps are most likely to be removed from App Store and Playstore, so download the app and start using it now. However, I’ll update the apps with new links even if they get removed.
I hope this article has been quite a help to boost your TikTok. What do you think? Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, don’t forget to check out the bonus app below.

Install the TikBoom Android App


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