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how to increase instagram followers
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You are here not just because you need followers but because you are frustrated to see how slow it is to grow your Instagram Channel.
Don’t Sweat it.
I will help get you out of the frustration zone. You’ll not only learn how to Increase Instagram Followers today But, You will also know how easy it is and why you wasted your time reading other stupid posts.
I will provide you with some Organic tips which are better for your account in the long run. But among all the tips that I will provide, there is one trick that will help you increase Instagram followers almost Instantly. So to know that, you will have to continue reading below. Also, there is a dedicated video below to learn precisely how to use the trick properly.
How to Increase Instagram Followers?
Follow these four tips, and you will be able to increase your Instagram followers.
Everyone has a different approach to managing their account, which is why they successfully grow their Instagram, ultimately leading to an increase in followers.
But, Every Successful Instagrammer or an Influencer has the same approach in terms of Engagements and other related.
You will not see one Influencer who is successful that is not in Engagement groups, excluding certain Celebrities.

Where do I Find Instagram Engagement Groups?

The Engagement Groups Can be found in Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Telegram, Even a Discord Server, and many other social media.
how to increase instagram followers
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Joining the Right Groups to Increase Instagram Followers

It can be hard sometimes if you don’t join the right group. I mean, You need to stick to your niche.
If you join a group about beauty and fashion, you will only see the contents within are about beauty products or anything related to beauty and style.
You joined a group whose niche is all about beauty and fashion, and your niche is music, then you’re on the wrong path. Don’t expect any followers or Likes by trying to engage there.
You will have to figure out which group or page is related to your niche.
For Example, If your niche is Music, you can join groups specific to music. You can even dive deeper and look for musicians, such as; a guitarist or a drummer or a particular genre. In addition, you can dive into different micro-niches within your niche.

What to do After joining the Groups?

After joining the groups, All you have to do is maintain a High Standard of yourself; By High Standard, I don’t mean that you have to have an Ego to Reply or something negative like that. What I mean is that you will have to engage with them professionally.
Your Replies should not sound like something that a beginner would use.
And also, the way you write should be somewhat professional or standard.

How do we Reply/Comment Professionally

No, I’m not saying that you have written something that a Write by profession would. All I am asking you is to maintain good English.
You can use Grammarly to auto-correct your English as I do for mine. And the main thing is how you structure your replies and comments.

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If you reply, “The guitar solo was Awesome… You can do better… Keep up the good work”.
You can see how unprofessional it looks with the “…”. While on the other hand, If you reply, “The Guitar solo was awesome. You can do better, Keep up the good work”.
Both the replies are meaningful and quite good, But we can differentiate how professional the second one looks and how crap the First one looks.
These are the silly things that shouldn’t be Ignored.
Try to be as Engaging as Possible.
Instagram Engagement Groups can also be called “Instagram Pods.”

Consistent Posting to Increase Instagram Followers

Now please don’t hate on me for adding this over and over again on the Lists.
You may hear people saying, “Content is King.”
But is it a King?
It is only if “Content is Consistent.”
You may provide the best content globally, but it is worth nothing if you are not consistent.

Consistency or Quality over Quantity?

I know your head is now revolving around Quality over Quantity; yes, I prefer that too. So By Consistent, I don’t mean to say that you have to post every day.
You can post promptly if you post every Monday, then post every Monday. Make your followers anticipate your content; let them know that you post at a particular time and specific day.
This way, they will know when to visit and when to be active on Instagram so that they could get the first benefit of your Instagram posts.
You may think that you can visit their profile any time and check out the post.
Yes, You are right, but you are wrong if you are looking from the random user perspective.

Why does it work this way?

This is an Algorithmic strategy to get followers and grow up your page. When you post content, the early people on Instagram will help the algorithm understand your content as to how much the people like your posts (not the actual likes on Instagram, But the interest in the post/Content) and how it should reach out to other people.
The early people should be the ones that love your content, so to do that, you need to post consistently on a regular time.
I hope now you know what I mean when I say Consistent.
You can post one picture in a month, but your followers should know that you post it on a specific day, at a particular time. (one post per month is not suitable for real, though).
Pro Tip: Try to Post one post every day; if not, at least 3 posts in a week But on a specific day and time.

Location Tags to Increase Instagram Followers

This is the most Underrated feature to increase Instagram followers.
By “Underrated,” I mean that location tags are the most important and helpful feature of Instagram growth. But fortunately or Unfortunately, This feature is hardly used by any Instagram Content creator.
However, This feature is now coming into existence and is used by many big Influencers as of 2020 and 2021.
You can add location tags to your post while uploading. Ensure that you add an accurate location or at least nearest to it so that people will know that it is where it is.
how to increase instagram followers
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Now, when you add the Location in your post, there is a high chance that your post might get featured on top of the Location that you’ve mentioned. When someone clicks on the location tag, They will see specific posts with the location mentioned in their post.
Coming back to Consistent posting, If you post regularly, then your post is likely to be featured on the top list of the particular location tag. In addition, your early people’s positive response to your post will help them boost, including a boost in the location Tags.

Use Likes Up to Increase followers on Instagram

This is an Instant trick to get followers and likes. This is the easiest and less time-consuming trick among all the tips above. I call this trick and the 3 others above tips because this one is literally worked like a magic trick.
All you have to do is collect some coins and spend them to get followers and Likes.
This is an app that is available on iOS but there is also an Alternate version for Android users which works just like the iOS version but even better than iOS.
I don’t want to explain how the app works and how to apply the trick to get followers and likes now.
Because I know how boring it is to read so I have provided you with the video tutorials both for Android and iOS Below.
Also, the Download Links are Provided Below the Video for each version.

How to Use and Download the iOS version App?

Wait for the 60-second timer and then click the button that will pop out after the timer completes.
You will then be taken to the App Store. There, Click and Install the App.

iOS Download Link (wait for the Timer to Complete)

How to Use and Download the Android version App?

Similar to iOS, wait for the Timer and click the download button.
And the App will be downloaded.

Android Download Link (wait for the Timer to Complete)

I hope these Tips and Trick was helpful to you. If it was helpful to you, then Consider reading these posts.

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