Guide to the Best Posting Times on Instagram in 2022

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If you are not getting the levels of engagement on social media that you desire (or, even worse, if you are greeted with crickets), You may not have been posting at the best times on Instagram. If you want to make the most of your Instagram business account, you must schedule your posts at just the right time. Moreover, because Instagram’s algorithm is continually updated, the way content is prioritized is different in 2022 from a couple of years ago. That’s why staying on track with all Instagram news and updates is essential. Luckily, you have us to help you with all things social media. For this article, we did thorough research and found out the best posting times on Instagram in 2022.

When it comes to posting on Instagram, the optimal time for each brand is slightly different. This is because every brand on social media caters to a clientele that exhibits different behavior patterns. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up hope! When it comes to social media marketing, there are some best practices that, when followed, may produce excellent results across the board.

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The best posting times on Instagram in 2022 depend on your industry and target audience.

The Instagram algorithm places a higher value on recency. Therefore, publishing while your followers are actively using the app is essential. This indicates that a more recent post will show up higher in the newsfeed than an older one, provided all other factors remain the same.

Recency is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase a post’s likelihood of success. It’s one of the critical social media growth tips & tricks you can ever ask for. However, it’s also vital to have a firm grasp on the objectives you wish to achieve with your Instagram marketing approach. So before you choose the best time to post, you must first know your audience and industry.

Universal best time to post on Instagram

Before we reveal how to figure out the best time for posting for your industry, let’s find out the universal best time to post on the most popular social media platform. After doing extensive research, we found that the best time to post is around eleven in the morning on Wednesdays.

It appears that the middle of the week and the middle of the workday are when Instagram users are most likely to react to the content posted on this platform. When you think about it, this makes sense. It is the ideal time to take a break from work or school and check out some content on your phone. On the other hand, weekends are often the worst days to post.

Optimal posting times on Instagram for every day of the week

If you would like to keep your followers updated more frequently than once a week, keep in mind that an optimal posting time depends on the day of the week, too. We know this probably makes you think about hiring social media marketing experts. However, it’s more straightforward than it seems. Sure, experts can make it easier for you, but if you follow the schedule we’ve broken down below, you’ll be able to do this on your own.

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If you don't have a lot of audience insights to work with, use our schedule.
  • On Mondays, the optimum time to post on Instagram is at noon. When lunch rolls around, most Instagram users seek a break in their feeds.
  • The best time to upload photos and videos to Instagram on Tuesdays is 9 AM. In fact, between eight and ten in the morning, engagement is quite high, but it reaches its highest point around nine.
  • On Wednesdays, 11 AM is the optimum time to upload photos and videos on Instagram. Wednesday also appears to be the day of the week when accounts receive the most activity.
  • On Thursdays, the optimum time to post on Instagram is at noon.
  • The best time to post on Instagram on Friday is at 2 PM.
  • On Saturdays, the optimal time to post on Instagram is at 9 AM. Get those eyeballs on your content before people start making offline plans for the weekend!
  • On Instagram, Sunday is your best day to post, and 7 PM is the best time. On Sundays, there is generally a steady level of activity throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

How to figure out the best posting times on Instagram for your brand and industry

If you’re just getting started with Instagram and don’t have a lot of historical data or audience insights to work with, you should consider scheduling your posts around the times we’ve mentioned above. However, as your account expands, we recommend that you adjust your publishing schedule to correspond with your individual audience‘s activity patterns.

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Take advantage of Instagram analytics and learn more about your target audience.

Here’s how to figure out when’s the best time to upload posts for your brand and industry:

  • Use Instagram analytics as it will help you understand your followers. You can find out their age, gender, and location, which can help you schedule your posts for the right time zone. Also, this information can help you find out when your audience is most likely to be online so that you can post interesting content then.
  • It can help to pay attention to your biggest competitors and figure out when they post. Pick three or four brands similar to yours or have a similar target audience and research when they post and which posts get the most engagement.
  • Try posting at different times and analyze the results. Finding the best time to post on Instagram is often a matter of trying things out and seeing what works. What works one week might not work the next, so you must keep trying new things until you find a time that works best for your brand.

Pay attention to what you post because the content of your Instagram posts will probably have a more considerable effect than time alone. Bad posts will always do poorly, and good posts will probably always do well. Your posts will also affect how many people interact with them throughout the day.

The bottom line

We hope our article helped you understand the best posting times on Instagram in 2022. Remember that Instagram algorithms are constantly changing, so to successfully maintain your Instagram business profile, you must continuously research your audience and stay on track with current trends. That’s the only way to take full advantage of this powerful social medial platform!

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