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By the end of this post, you will be able to make the most followers on TikTok for absolutely Free.
This is very simple and easy to do. You just need TikPlus.
This is not your typical TikPlus app. The name may be similar and that’s it. Only the name is what is similar and the rest of the functionality is different. In fact, This App has a different name just to differentiate it, and it is called TikFriend.
Okay, Let me first clear you about another app with the same name. There is a very popular app with the name TikPlus. In fact, there are plenty of others that have chosen the same name. The one that we are going to use is very different than the usual apps.
They even changed their name to TikFriend to remove the confusion and copyrights.
So, TikPlus or Tikfriend is an App that will allow you to get the most followers on TikTok. They follow the classic follow for coins system. You will get coins for liking or following others. But the good thing is that you just need to click the button and it will automatically follow within the app and earn you coins.
However, there are a few risks if you follow too many people at once but this is a minor issue that can be resolve if you follow others gradually.
You can choose from likes or followers. Just select the followers option and spend the coins on them to get the followers. Follow the same step to get the likes, but you will have to select the likes option instead of followers.

Benefits to get most followers on TikTok

  • No Survey or Human verification.
  • Gradual Delivery makes it safe for the Account.
  • 100% Free. (There is a paid option too but that is for buying coins only. We don’t need to buy it).
  • Easy and Simple to use.


  • You may require to log in but it depends. Sometimes, you may not require to do so.
  • You need to have some space on your device so that you could install it on your device. (This is an App trick).
  • TikPlus or TikFriend is available only on iOS. The other versions with the same name are available on Android but this one is not available on Android.
  • Sometimes the followers may take a little longer than usual to deliver.

How to download TikPlus App?

The App is available on the App Store but finding it using any search term could be likely impossible. So I’d suggest you download it using the download button below.
The button will take 60 seconds to load. Wait for the countdown and click the download button.
you will be taken straight to the App download page. You can install it from there.

How to use the TikPlus App?

The trick is very simple and just like any other app, but this one is a little better than any other app.
You can watch the video above to use the app to make the most followers on Tiktok. The video provides you with detailed information about the app. You can learn how to use it, How to download it, and how to make the most out of it.
It provides you with a Live demonstration and proof.
Download TikPlus now
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