3 Best OCR Tools used to Extract Text from Images in 2022

3 Best OCR Tools use to Extract Text from Images
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Are you willing to turn your scanned images into editable text files?

So, this guide is surely for you!

It is not wrong to say that there is only one way to do this task and that is using OCR technology but we know some people may not know about it.

And that’s why we are going to explain this solution in depth. But first of all, we need to understand the basic working of OCR and in which applications, we are using this amazing technology.

Fortunately, we are here with all of the necessary information, you can have a look at them and turn your images into editable text files.

If we begin from the beginning, OCR stands for optical character recognition and it is pretty clear by the name that this technology is used to recognize characters in scanned images.

This technology is used in many applications and is very common nowadays.

3 Best OCR Tools use to Extract Text from Images
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OCR technology is beneficial in many fields and offers many benefits and we have enlisted some of them below.

  • Saves time
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Prevent data loss
  • Cost-efficient

And there are many more benefits of using this technology but after having an eye at the above-mentioned benefits, they may encourage you to give this tool at least a try.

But things are not over with the abbreviation and some of the benefits of optical character recognition.

Let’s get to the main point.

How to extract text from images?

It is a very simple task if you’re using optical character recognition as it is specifically developed to recognize text present in the images.

But how is it possible?

For retrieving text from the images, we need to use a tool named an image to text converter. This converter uses OCR technology to take out the text from the images.

There are hundreds of images to text converters available on the internet, but we are going to present some of the efficient converters.

Top 3 smart image to text converters

As we have mentioned above there are multiple converters available but giving every tool a try and finalizing the best one is just a waste of time.

That’s why we have shortlisted the three best image to text converters and we have shortlisted these tools by focusing on all the important factors which a user must need.

So, here are these tools.

Imagetotext.info is a reliable source of retrieving text from an image file and you’ll get your results in a couple of seconds.

3 Best OCR Tools use to Extract Text from Images
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Secondly, the interface of this tool is very simple and user-friendly and the case study shows that the tools with an easy interface save the time up to 50%.

So, if you are willing to save your time and perform multiple tasks in less time then you need to go for this tool.

There are many more benefits and facilities of this tool.

Dual uploading options

When it comes to uploading an image to extract the textual data, you’ll have two options; one to simply drag-drop the image file.


You can also upload an image file using the image URL so, it can save your time as you don’t need to download the image first on your device.

No cost needed

This image-to-text converter is completely free, you can retrieve text from multiple images as there is no query limit as well.

And there’s no paid version available for this tool which means you can use every feature for free.

Other tools

Imagetotext.info is not offering only one tool there are some other tools, and you can have a look at them.

  • Jpg to word converter
  • Pdf to text converter
  • Pdf to word converter

This platform is famous among millions of people as they are providing the best and most efficient tools for digital marketing, content writing, and many more.

3 Best OCR Tools use to Extract Text from Images
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Same as the other tools provided by Prepostseo, image to text converter is way very efficient and accurate.

Secondly, you can use this amazing tool for free but if you want to increase the query limit, you can go pro.

Let’s explore this tool and finds out the best of it.

Multiple uploading options

As the previous image to text converter allows a user to upload an image file from two sources but in the case of Prepostseo, you can upload an image file from the following sources.

  • Google Drive
  • Local storage
  • Image URL

Go pro!

If you want to get some extra benefits, then you need to pay some cost but the benefits are definitely more than the cost you’ll pay.

Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • 30 uploads per submission
  • No ads 
  • No captcha 
  • 3x faster

Other tools

There are hundreds of other tools offered by Prepostseo but we have mentioned the most famous of them.

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Article rewriter
  • Random address generator

Here is another accurate and reliable source of converting image files to editable text and fortunately, this tool is completely free and easily accessible.

3 Best OCR Tools use to Extract Text from Images
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There are many basic and advanced options offered by onlinetexttools.com.

And we are going to cover some of them so, stay with us and decide whether to go for this tool or not.

User-friendly interface

If your preference is to get a tool with an easy interface then this tool must be the best choice.

Every function and command are clearly visible to the users so, they can retrieve text from multiple files in a fraction of seconds.

Other advanced options

You can also use the advanced options of this tool and some of the options are mentioned below.

  • Background and image size
  • Text color
  • Text style
  • Font size
  • Text alignment
  • Many more


We have explained every important information about this amazing technology and how you can use OCR for extracting text from the image files.

You can also use the mentioned image to text converters as they are truly reliable sources.

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