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I’ve been posting a lot about the Free Followers trial lately, and I just realized that I hadn’t written anything about Fanexplozion yet.
It’s been a long time now, and I’m still using their services. They provide free trials not just for Instagram but Facebook too. Each trial service is delivered in different numbers.
You can try their service risk-free as they don’t ask for passwords and other financial details. Instagram username is the only thing that you need to provide them.
Want to know how to grab your share of free followers, likes, and views? Read on!
Fanexplozion is an all-in-one social media growth service specializing in increasing followers, likes, and views on social media accounts. You can boost your following on Instagram, TikTok,  YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest using FanExplozion.
While there are various services for each social media platform, only a few services are available. Luckily, Instagram is included in the trial services.
You can get 20 free followers, 25 likes, and 500 views for free on Instagram. And for Facebook, you can get 25 likes and 500 views. There is no followers trial for Facebook.
If you want to use other services, go for their premium plans.

Is Fanexplozion Legit?

Yes, Fanexplozion is legit. They’ve proven their legitimacy which is why they are still in the business. You can trust this site but be cautious as the followers could sometimes be ghost accounts.
It is one of those service providers that don’t ask for your credentials. It makes it safe to use. The followers, views, and likes are delivered on time with less drop rate.

Types of Services

Fanexplozion has various services for each social media platform. Currently, eight of them are included:
Instagram: You can buy followers, likes, views, comments, and IGTV boosts on Instagram. You can select whether you want female followers or male followers. They have a service that allows your IG account to be followed by verified users.
TikTok: Video shares, views, followers, and likes.
Facebook: You can increase page likes, post likes, comments, profile followers, video views, and Facebook reactions.
Twitch: Channel views, clip views, VOD views, and followers.
Twitter: Increase your tweets, followers, comments, and likes.
Linkedin: You can also get LinkedIn followers and likes.
Pinterest: Get Repins and followers on Pinterest.
Note: All the services are paid, but free trials are available for Instagram and Facebook. Read on!


The advantages of Fanexplozion are:
  1. The fastest way to grow is on Instagram.
  2. No fooling around with surveys and human verifications.
  3. The free trial is legit.
  4. Increases credibility of your social media accounts.
  5. No social media Login is required.


Disadvantages are:
  1. Fanexplozion’s free trial service goes under maintenance most often.
  2. You cannot use their service if your social media account is private.
  3. Sometimes, you may have to wait for up to 48 hours to get your free trial delivered.

Get Free Followers, Likes, and Views using Fanexplozion

Follow the steps below to get free followers, likes, and views:
  1. Visit their official website below.
  1. Click on Menu.
fanexplozion free followers
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  1. Click on the “Freebies” drop down menu.
  1. Select the free service that you want. I’ll select free followers for now.
fanexplozion freebies
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  1. Now, Enter your Instagram profile URL (just enter your username after, click the checkboxes, and finally, the “verify” button.
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  1. After that, complete a quick 60 seconds offer.
  1. You might as well have to verify your email address.
After verifying your email address, wait up to 48 hours, and the followers and likes will be delivered to your Instagram account.

If you think more sites provide such free trials, do let us know in the comments below.

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