Igfree Net: Get 1000 Free Followers, Likes, & Views on Instagram

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Today, I am going to talk about Igfree Net which will give you thousands of free followers, likes, and views to your Instagram profile, post, and videos. You can use this every 10 hours.
They will send 10 to 30 followers, likes, and views every time you apply for it. You only need to give them your Instagram username, post URL, and video URL for followers, likes, and views respectively.
You may also want to learn how to apply the trick properly so that you don’t miss a chance to grab this opportunity.  Let’s dive a little deeper into the trick.
Igfree Net is just another free Instagram growth tool that provides followers, likes, and views to any Instagram user for free. They provide their service 100% free of cost. I know it’s something to doubt when someone provides something completely for free. But Igfree doesn’t have any catch. All they do is display the ads on their page. They generate a good amount of income with the ads which is why they provide their services for free.

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Is Igfree Net Legit and Safe?

Igfree Net is 100% Legit and safe to use. They provide their services for free without asking for your Instagram credentials. But, when it comes to delivering the followers in time, they need to work on this. There is no doubt that they send followers, likes, or views, but they send it after 5 to 6 hours or sometimes even more.
Even though this trick is safe, I would recommend you to use it twice or thrice a week for a healthier IG profile.

How Many Followers, Likes, and Views Do We Get?

Igfree Net works on a credit-based system where you get 1020 free credits after every 10 hours, where, 10 credits each are for followers and the likes, and 1000 credits are for free views. For every 10 credits, you get 10 followers, and so it is for likes and views.
To sum up, in simple terms, you get 1000 free views, 10 free followers, and 10 free likes once after every 10 hours.
Note: You don’t have to do anything to earn the credits, it’s just the time that buys you the credits for free.

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Igfree Net Referral Program

Igfree Net also has a referral program where you can share your referral link with your friends and earn extra 100 credits for each user.
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You will see your referral link on the homepage of Igfree. There is no requirement to log in or register for the referral link. They will automatically create a unique referral link for your IP address.

Are the Followers, Likes, and Views Real?

Okay, here’s the thing. We don’t know where these followers, likes, or even the views are coming from. All we know is that it is provided by Igfree. So we can’t say if these followers are real or bots.
But to my experience, the followers that I received didn’t unfollow me, but they also didn’t engage with my content. They were like dead followers.
If you are someone who is looking just for followers count, then this is 100% useful to you.

Benefits of IG Free Net

Some of the benefits are:
  1. They are free to use.
  2. IG free Net doesn’t ask for Instagram credentials.
  3. 100% safe and easy to use.
  4. We get 1000 free Insta views.
  5. 10 free followers and likes every 10 hours is amazing.
  6. Verification is not required.
  7. Thousand of followers are just at your fingertips.

Devices and Operating System

Since Igfree Net is a web-based application, it is available to every device and operating system. All you need to do is open a web browser and visit their website. However, there are various unofficial app versions on the internet which work exactly the same. It is recommended not to use the app version as it could be harmful.

How to Use Igfree Net?

Whether you’re using the app or the web version of Igfree net, you must follow the exact same steps to get free followers, likes, and views on Instagram. Before you read and apply the trick, make sure that you’ve set your Instagram account to Public because they cannot send followers, likes, and views to an account that’s private.
  1. First, visit the ‘Igfree net’ website from the first button below.  If you’re using the app then just open the app.
  2. You will see free followers, free Likes, and free views option. You can click the preferred button. Remember that you can use all these three services simultaneously.
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  1. And then enter your Instagram username if you want the followers, or enter your Instagram post URL or Video URL for the respective services.
  2. After that, click the ‘send follower’, ‘send likes’, and ‘send views’ buttons of the respective services.
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  1. Now, complete the re-captcha and then click the ‘send followers’ button.
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And then you are done. Wait until you get your free followers, likes, and views. As said earlier, it takes a little longer to deliver as compared to other free Instagram followers services.
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