Igtor 1000 Free IG Followers Panel 2022 (100% Working)

Igtor 1000 Free IG Followers Panel
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Today, I’ll tell you a trick where you can get 1000 Free IG Followers or even more. You will not only get followers, but likes, views, and many more. The trick that we are going to use is called Igtor.
This Free IG Followers Panel could be used every 30 minutes, but be cautious and use it gradually.
Before applying the trick, you will have to create a demo account to use the trick. You can still use it without the demo account, but that’s kind of risky. So, create a new demo account or use the one you’ve already created previously.
Igtor Free IG Followers is a Panel where an individual can easily grow their Instagram account in just a few clicks.
This Instagram followers growth trick comes both as an app and as a web trick. However, the app version is only available to Android users.
Remember that the Igtor page is in a different language, but there is a language selection option above the page, so you can easily translate the page into English or your native language.
Alternatively, you can simply use the chrome browser which will automatically translate your webpage into your preferred language.

Is Free IG Followers Panel safe?

Igtor Free IG Followers Panel is safe to use when used with a demo account. It’s no longer safe if used directly without the help of a demo account.
They ask you to log in with an Instagram account. It is okay to log in with a demo account or an Instagram account that is not important to you, even if you lose that account. After that, you can simply enter your main Ig account where you would want to get those followers, likes, and views. This way, it makes the trick 100% safe.
If you log in with your main Instagram account, then it will automatically start the following and liking other profiles, which will ultimately lead your account to termination or might get blocked.

Why use Igtor Free IG Followers Panel?

The reasons why you should use Igtor Free Ig Followers Panel are listed below. This list includes only a few of the important reasons, otherwise, the list won’t stop if I were to mention all of them.
  1. This Free IG Followers Panel is easy and simple to use.
  2. No login or password is required for your main Instagram account where you would want to send the followers.
  3. I know you hate human verification and survey, and so do they. No need to complete any surveys.
  4. Igtor is legit and working.
  5. They have two versions of the Free IG Followers Panel. One is the Igtor App which is however available only to Android users. And the other is the web version.
  6. The web version works on every device and operating system that has an internet connection.
  7. Igtor provides you with 8 free services, which you will know as you continue reading below.
  8. The followers, likes, and views are delivered instantly.
  9. You are not limited to 1000 Free Ig Followers, you can get followers and likes as much as you want.
  10. You can use Igtor every 30 minutes, unlimited times.
  11. There is a language option in igtor, so it becomes easier to navigate for anyone around the world.

Cons of Igtor

There are a few things that you need to take care of before applying the trick.
  1. There is extra work of creating a demo account.
  2. Demo accounts could be easily terminated. Hence the reason we are using a demo account and not our main Instagram account.
  3. Using Igtor too much can be risky and harmful even for your main Instagram account, so it is recommended to use it gradually.
  4. The App version of Igtor could be used, only for Android users. There is no app for iOS users, they need to use it only through the web version.
  5. Sometimes, there occurs login errors. These issues can take a longer time to be fixed.
  6. Out of all the free services, sometimes, a few of the services like, the followers, likes, or views can be unavailable. And it takes a little longer to be back again. Relax, this happens once in a while.

List of free services from Igtor

Below is the list of 8 free services provided by Igtor.
  1. Followers: You can send followers to your Instagram account using the demo account.
  2. Likes: The likes service allows you to get likes to your Instagram posts and videos for free.
  3. Video views: They also have a service where you can send views to your Instagram videos. remember, this does not include likes.
  4. Story views: Just like the videos views, you can also send free views to your story. This helps your story reach a larger audience.
  5. Comment likes: Comments could be very helpful in reaching your account to a larger audience if they get a good number of likes. Igtor has this service that allows you to get those likes in your comment for free.
  6. IGTV video views: Increase your IGTV videos from their free service.
  7. Poll votes: You can also cheat by sending votes to your IG story poll. Not just yours but others’ story polls as well.
  8. Saves: Instagram post saves play a very important role in increasing your Instagram reach. And so Igtor also provides a free service where you can send free saves to your Instagram posts and videos.
Igtor 1000 Free IG Followers Panel
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Note: The services that are available are marked with a “green tick mark” and the services that are temporarily unavailable are marked with a “red cross mark”.

How to get 1000 Free Ig Followers and likes?

To get 1000 Free IG Followers and likes using Igtor is very simple and easy. Just follow the steps below. Alternatively, you can watch the video tutorial below.
  1. Firstly, visit the “Igtor” website or download the app from either of the buttons below.
  2. You will see a list of 8 Free services. Check whichever is available from the marks indications, as shown in the above image. Choose the service, for me it’s the followers, and click the “use” button.
Igtor 1000 Free IG Followers Panel
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  1. Now, click on the “Login” button.
Igtor 1000 Free IG Followers Panel
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  1. After that, enter your demo account’s login details and click on the green “login or Entrance” button. Remember, don’t provide your main Instagram account’s login details.
Igtor 1000 Free IG Followers Panel
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  1. Now, Enter your main Instagram account’s username. Only the username. And then click on the “Find user” button.
Free IG Followers
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  1. Finally, click on the “send followers” or “start submission” button, whichever is available.
Free IG Followers
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This is how you can get 1000 Free Ig Followers and Likes. You can get even more than 1000 followers and likes but to be on the safer side, it is better to take 1000 followers per week.

Use Igtor (Web version) to get 1000 free IG followers

Download Igtor (App) to get 1000 free IG followers

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