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instagram followers increase
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You are here because you are fed up with all the lies about Instagram followers increase.
And maybe you might think this is also one of them.
But, Wait!
You are at the right place to gain Free Instagram followers. So today, I’m going to tell you one trick or method that will help you grow your Instagram account in just a matter of time.
I’m not going to tell you some tips and leave them, but I will say to you one literal way that could be used once every hour. Meaning, You can use this as much as you want to gain followers instantly but after every hour.
Let’s learn more about the trick below.
Well, You need nothing.
I mean, who doesn’t own a smartphone today? And obviously, Almost no one could live without the Internet, so If you have a smartphone with an Internet connection, then this is all you need to get Instagram followers.
The trick that we are going to use is called “OutIG.” This will help our Instagram followers increase with just a few clicks.
We need not complete any Survey or human verification.

Is OutIG an App?

No, OutIG is not an App but a web-based application accessible via anything that has an Internet connection with a browser feature. So it is not limited to mobile devices but every device with internet.

Details and Requirements

Trick Name
Free Followers, Likes, and comments?
Provide Password
Yes/No (No if used with a demo account)
Human Verification or Survey
Not Required
Yes (Only Demo Account)
100% Free
Automatic Feature
No/Yes (You decide)
Operating System
Supports every Operating Systems
Any Device that has an Internet Connection
Safe Trick
100% Safe if used with the demo account

How to use OutIG for Free Instagram Followers Increase?

instagram followers increase
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To use OutIG, all you need to do is wait for the 60 seconds timer at the bottom of this page. After that, You will see a “Visit site Now” button. After that, you have to click the Link and Visit the Site.
I recommend that you use Chrome browser; this is because Chrome browser has the google translate feature, allowing you to translate any web page into English or the native language you prefer.
After visiting the site using Chrome browser, You will need to scroll a little.
And then, Click the Login to join Button.
You will see a new Login page that will ask you to log in with your account.
Now, Don’t make the early mistake of logging in with your main account. If you do so, then your account might be at risk. So to make it safer, all you need to do is create a new Instagram account as use it for Demo purposes only. Meaning, Create a Demo account.
Make sure that your Demo account has at least one post, a Profile Picture, and a Bio. This will help you get even more followers, Likes, and Comments.
After creating a demo account, Log in with it.
You will then be taken to a new page to get your followers, likes, and comments. By the way, We can also get Free Instagram Likes and Free Instagram Comments with this trick.
Before we proceed further, Let me tell you a little more about how this works.
You will get a certain amount of credits right after you log in with your demo account. These credits will be spent to get followers, Likes, or Comments.

How do we earn Credits?

It is straightforward to earn credits; You need not do anything but wait for an hour.
You can use the trick once every hour so, by that time, Your demo account will be following and liking and even commenting on other accounts, which will get you credits.
So Basically, The number of credits earned will depend on how much your demo account is following, liking, and commenting on others.
so this was the main reason why I asked you not to log in with your main account.
After doing all these, You have to enter your main Instagram account’s Username and then Enter the number of followers you want. Remember, You can only add the number of followers based on how many credits you have.
Also, You can use the same number of credits to gain either of those options available. So use only the number of followers you need and save a few credits to gain likes or comments, But it’s totally up to you and your preference.
Remember that you need to copy the post’s URL if you want to get the likes and comments.
After filling the form, click Transfer.
That’s it.
Just visit your Instagram and see your notification flooded with followers, likes, or comments.
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