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how to get real followers in instagram
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Today, I’m gonna tell you how to get real followers on Instagram in 2 minutes or even less than that.


This method will help you get followers on Instagram organically. Since this is an organic trick, the free Instagram followers that you’re gonna receive will be real humans.


There is no chance that you will receive any ghost followers or Instagram bots.

We are going to apply one of the most popular tricks (I bet you might still not know this trick) that will work forever and there is no chance that this wouldn’t work even in the future.
This is an Instagram algorithm hack that will work even if they change the algorithm completely in the future.



Let’s dive into it.

The only thing required to get this trick work is your Instagram App.
Yes, you heard it right.
This trick doesn’t require downloading any app neither have to complete any survey or Human verification nor have to visit any websites.

Since we are going to use the Instagram app itself. This trick becomes 100% Legal to use.

Is it a Safe to Get Real Followers in Instagram?

The title itself says “How to get real followers in Instagram”, we have the word “Real”. And real followers are not what you get from any other ordinary trick. We get real Human followers from tricks that are organic, genuine, and safe.

In simple words, This is 100% safe to use.
However, This is a slight risk if you overuse the trick. so don’t use it excessively but gradually.

Can we get Action blocked?

Like I’ve mentioned above, Excessive use can be risky. And the consequence of the risk factor is that you might get “Action Blocked”.
“Action blocked” are a temporary blockage that prevents you from liking or following others. Getting “Action Blocked” over and over can get your account permanently disabled.
Now, Relax, You can use this trick unlimited times but just that you have to spare time gaps between the trick applied and the trick that you are about to apply again.
Use 4 to 5 times a day and you are good to go. You won’t get any action blocked.


Below are the benefits of “How to Get Real Followers in Instagram”
  • This trick is 100% Legal to use as we are not violating the Instagram Community Guidelines.
  • No additional app is required.
  • No need to visit any other website. Everything will be done within the Instagram app.
  • There is no human verification or survey.
  • 100% Free to use
  • Simple and Easy to apply the trick.
  • 100% works for real.
  • Real Human followers.
  • You can even get some likes using this trick but it depends on the person that is following you.
  • This is an Organic trick so the followers that you get are organic and might even engage with your post.
  • Works on any device and operating system as you just need to have the Instagram app.
  • This even works without the Instagram app if you use the Instagram official site instead of the app.


1. The Disadvantages are:
This method is kind of risky if you use it more than it should. Even though, this is a legal trick. Instagram wouldn’t appreciate your activity (i.e the excessive use).
2. The followers that you get might unfollow you due to the fact that they are real humans. And real people may tend to unfollow, But many still remain.

How to Get Real Followers in Instagram?

Okay, I’ve told you about the risk factor, benefits, and disadvantages of applying the trick but what exactly is the trick that we are talking about? and How to get real followers on Instagram?
Well, this is one of the simplest ways to get free Instagram followers and also one of the oldest yet best tricks to get followers on Instagram for free.
Follow the steps below to get your Free Followers on Instagram Real and Organic.
  • First, you will have to open your “Instagram App”.
  • And then, Click on the “Search” tab.
    how to get real followers in instagram
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  • There, you’ll have to search for verified Instagram users. Just type a random name and search for verified users.
    how to get real followers in instagram
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  • Now, Follow the verified user.
    how to get real followers in instagram
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  • After following the verified user, search for some more around 10 to 15 verified users, and follow them.
  • After following around 10 to 15 followers, go back to your Instagram profile. And click the following tab.
  • Now, this is important. unfollow all of the verified users that you just followed. And then, follow them again right away.
    how to get real followers in instagram
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  • After following again, wait for around 10 to 20 seconds.
    how to get real followers in instagram
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  • After 10 to 20 seconds of following, unfollow them again.
  • Repeat the process 3 to 4 times and see the magic. The followers will start coming.
    how to get real followers in instagram
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Note: This is the exact same trick that we posted earlier but for TikTok “How to Get TikTok Followers Fast?”
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