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free instagram followers app for iPhone
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There may be many ways that you can get free followers on Instagram. But no better trick gives you followers that will stay.
So to break that problem, I have come up with the best solution. That’s is the “Highlights” App.
Highlights App is a weird free Instagram followers App for iPhone, but it probably is a great App. It will help you gain followers on Instagram And have you get Likes in your Instagram Posts. It may sound cheesy, but It is cheesy enough to get the followers and Likes for real.

Is Using Highlight App a Safe Deal?

This is a very controversial question when it comes to using Instagram App for Gaining followers to your account. Well, Yes, few apps will give you followers, but they all turn out to be real but a bot.
Instagram Algorithm quickly detects bot followers, and so they are flushed out as soon as they are being detected.
But, Highlights App is not one of those that provides bots. Instead, they function in a way that one will get followers only if they follow others. But, wait, This not a straightforward follow-for-follow thing. It is different.
So My answer to this will be that you can get real human followers, so it’s a safe deal to use the Highlights App.

Will the Followers Unfollow?

As mentioned above, highlights provide real Human followers, so there is very little chance that Instagram will remove the profile. So they will not unfollow; however, there is a high chance that the followers might unfollow if you cannot keep them engaged.
I mean, they are Real Human followers, right? So they must get something from your content, other they will for sure unfollow you later. So this is your responsibility to keep them engaging.

How does the App work?

The App’s functionality is effortless, and it is most commonly used by other Apps as well.
Yes, I am talking about “Coins.”
You’ll have to earn a certain amount of coins to spend them on getting either followers or Likes.
I know you now must be thinking about “How to get the Coins?”, “Is it hard to get it?”
My simple answer to this is, “It is simple to get coins.”
All you have to do is click the “Like or Follow” button available within the App. You get one coin for one likes, and five coins for one follow.
But You don’t have to do it manually; there is also an Auto-mode feature available that does the work for you automatically.
After earning a valid number of coins, You can spend them on getting followers and Likes. They deliver the followers Gradually, so it makes the trick even safer.


Download Apps
Human Verification or Survey
Not Required
Provide Password
Yes (But It’s 100% Safe)
65.9 MB
Operating System
iPhone/iPad (any other that supports iOS)

How to Download the App?

It is very Simple to Download the App. Just follow the Steps Bellow, and you can download the App.
  • Click the “Button” from the bottom of this post.
  • After Clicking the Button, You will be taken to the App Store; You can download the App from the App Store.
NOTE: The App is not found in App Store by Search terms such as; Highlights. So It’s better to go for the Download Button Below.
Also, note that you can always refer to the video above for easy understanding and usability if you find any Difficulty in downloading or using the App.
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