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adobe swf player fo games
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Adobe has Officially “Killed” Flash Player in 2020. It’s been long but the Internet is proof that people still want to use Adobe Flash Player. They want to use it to run SWF files or Flash Games online and Offline but it’s just not possible.
Wait, What?
Did I just say “Not Possible”?
I’m so wrong to use such words because the Good News is that there is a Legal way that you can still run Flash player Offline using the Official Flash player by Adobe itself.
I’ll tell you how to do that but before that you need to know how to download Flash games after 2020.
Now, Let’s learn how to download flash games and play them offline legally using Adobe Flash player itself.

As mentioned above, Yes, you can still play Flash Games after 2020. Not online that, You can play it Offline using the Official Adobe Flash Player.

How to Download Flash Games?

There are two ways to download the Flash game from any website.
The first one might be a little complicated but it’s the best. And the Second one is the easiest and the simplest method but sometimes it might fail to detect the Flash Games File.
We will be downloading an SWF file (The Game File) and then play it on SWF Player for Games.
Before we go any further, it is important for you to know What an SWF file is.
The first method to download the SWF File is to use the  “Inspect” element that is available on almost every modern Browser. This Inspect element could be used only on PC. However, you can use the inspect element on any device by simply adding view-source: before the http of the URL of the webpage that you want to inspect.
Okay, now if you already know how to use the Inspect Element then well and good.
Now, to download the SWF file you will first have to visit the website or webpage in which the Flash game or the SWF file is available.
Let’s take the example of the Fishy Flash Game website.
adobe swf player fo games
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As you can see in the image above, I cannot run or play the game as the flash player is no longer supported.
So to download the game or its SWF file, Simply right-click on the page, and click on Inspect.
adobe swf player fo games
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You will see some codes on the right side of the page but don’t get furious about it.
It might seem complicated but it’s simple.
Here, you will have to look for a URL or Link that ends with “.swf”.
adobe swf player fo games
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As you can see on the image above, we have a link that has the “.swf”.
Now, double-click on the link and copy it.
Then, open a New Tab on your browser and paste the link, and click Enter.
The SWF file will be downloaded.
Method 2:
This method is very simple, quick, and easy to use.
Simply copy the URL of the webpage where the game is located.
adobe swf player fo games
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Then, visit the site File2HD.
In the File2HD site, Paste the copied link.
adobe swf player fo games
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We’ll select objects as we are downloading the SWF file.
And then click on the “Terms of Service” check box and click the “Get File” button.
You may then see a list of URLs, you simply have to right-click on the URL that has a “.swf” at the end (be cautious about the link of the particular game that you want to download).
And save it.  Do check that the file is an SWF file and not an HTML file.
So this is how you can download the Flash games, Let’s learn How to play or run the Flash games offline after 2020 below.

Visual Method For SWF Player for Games

If you are still confused a little then Consider watching the video below for a clear and detailed explanation.

You don’t need to read the remaining post below if you watch the video completely.
It’s just a 2 minutes video.

Download Adobe Flash Player After 2020

Well, Adobe still allows people to download and use the Flash Player, I bet you didn’t know about it.
Let me show you how.
Wait for the Timer to complete as it will load a button that will take you to a place where you could download the “Adobe Flash Player”. It’s their official site by the way.
adobe swf player fo games
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It is available to download for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
Now, click on the “Download the Flash Player Projector content debugger” of your respective operating system.
Open the Flash Payer after it’s downloaded. (No Installation required)
Click on the file on the Adobe Flash Player (SWF player for Games).
adobe swf player fo games
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And click open.
Now, click on Browse.
And then select the Flash Game SWF file, select the location of your file if not found.

Then click “Open”, and then “Okay”

You will then see that the game has started.
You can maximize the screen so that you could play it full screen.
The game will run smoothly without any lag or glitches.
Download Adobe Flash Player after 2020 (SWF Player for Games)

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