9 Tips to Get 10k Followers on IG 2022

9 tips to get 10k followers on IG
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Boosting your Instagram reach and engagement means growing your followers. On our website, you may have read about various websites and apps that provide followers and likes for free, and they work for real. But today, I will give you tips that will help you get up to 10k followers on IG. Unlike other posts, today, we will use an organic approach to gain followers.
Growing organic followers will keep your account status healthy. Moreover, Instagram Algorithm appreciates the organic approach.
Below are the 9 Tips to get 10k followers on IG.
It is always better to use a keyword in your name. It can be your name or your username. People tend to search words that could rank your Instagram profile based on the keyword that you have on your name.
A perfect example could be using an Artist name instead of their real name. Most people search for Ed Sheeran instead of Edward Christopher Sheeran (his real name). Likewise, you can apply it to your name as well. Don’t worry! You don’t need to be popular to use keywords in your name. The image below is an example of a random user with a keyword in his name.)

Let your Bio Speak About You

Instagram Bio plays a vital role in converting a visitor into a follower. Tell your visitors how you can help them and how you could be beneficial to them. People will undoubtedly follow you if they find what they are looking for in your bio. Your bio can give you 10k followers on IG in a short time.
An example could be a music producer (instructor). If I am a visitor looking for free music production tutorials and the bio says, “Tips on Music Mixing & Music Production” it’s a go for me. I will follow him right away.
Below is an image of a perfect Bio to grab a handful of followers.
Instagram bio 10k followers on IG
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A perfect example of a good Instagram bio

Did you notice that the person in the above image also used hashtags in his bio to reach a larger audience in his niche?

Create Reels with Trending Audio

The word “Trending” may seem to be overrated but trust me it works like a charm in growing your Instagram profile. You may have noticed that even the big influencers create reels on silly music just because it’s trending.
Instagram Reels to get 10k followers on IG
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Instagram Reels image
Instagram users will search for trending reels based on trending music because it is trending. We never know when you get featured on the explore page. So start creating Reels with trending audio and never stop doing it.

Create Carousels to get 10k Followers on IG

Creating a carousel, especially if you are running or promoting a business, could be very helpful. It will boost your Instagram followers and makes your profile look attractive.
instagram carousel swipeable post legit hacks
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Repeat Content that Works

Posting the same content over and over could be annoying to some of your viewers and followers. But if such content works well with the Instagram algorithm then go for it. Start repeating the type of content that reaches out to more people, resulting in more followers on your Instagram.
Repeating content doesn’t mean posting the same content over and over again. You need to change the concept and ideas and come up with a new solution for a similar problem.
Repeating content that works is universal. It will work not only on Instagram but on a blog, TikTok, and others. On our website, we provide free Instagram followers tips and tricks in almost every post, but every post has a different approach that makes it unique. We are repeating content that works best for us, but we make sure that our viewers are getting something new in every post we publish so that they don’t get annoyed and bored.

Reply to Your DMs to Get 10k Followers on IG

Honestly, replying to your DMs could be annoying, and it takes a lot of time, especially if you have a good number of followers or are at least starting to get some.
However, replying to your DMs have a lot of benefits. Here are a few to mention.
  1. The person who never expects a reply from you will ultimately follow you if you reply to them.
  2. Your one reply can make someone’s day. And it feels good, trust me.
  3. You can reply to your DMs and gradually start promoting your business or Instagram profile over DM.
  4. Ask them to share your posts on their stories.

Occasionally do a Story QnA

story QnA to get 10k followers on Instagram
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QnA in Instagram story
It can be awkward to do a story QnA especially if you have only a few followers. But doing so will increase your engagement rate and help the Instagram algorithm understand your profile more.
Don’t forget to Answer them in your stories. It boosts your reach.

Follow Back Your Top Followers

Your Top followers are your foundation for your Instagram growth. The Instagram algorithm first decides based on the response of your Top followers. Your newly published posts are first shown to your most active or top followers and based on the engagement rate and other observations, the algorithm will start boosting your post organically.
So follow back your top followers and make them feel that they are accepted. It will help build a long-term relationship between you and them. This relationship between you and your top followers could eventually give you 10k followers on IG in lesser time. 

Mention Those Who Mention You on Stories

Instagram story mentions to get 10k followers on IG
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I mentioned one of my friends and he did the right thing by adding the same to his story.
Do people mention you on Instagram stories? If they do and you are not re-mentioning them, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Even if a small Instagram user mentions you in their story, you should add it to your story as well. This way, you are not only helping the other person but also yourself as it will make them want to mention you more and more. And the more mentions you get, the more followers you can get. It simply increases your exposure leading to increase followers.
Again, the Instagram algorithm will boost your profile based on that.

Conclusion of 10K Followers on IG

These are the tips to get 10k followers on IG organically. Apply this regularly and boost your Instagram in less time than how much it would take for a newbie. We have discussed how Instagram SEO, like keywords in bio, can give you followers. Not just that, we have also talked about Instagram stories, reels, DMs, and others that are very beneficial for healthy and organic Instagram growth.
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