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how to play swf files
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How to Run SWF files?

When it comes to android, there are a lot of questions running in our mind regarding flash player to work on android.
There are many browsers that have the flash player feature built-in But when it comes to running a flash file, i.e SWF file offline, we become clueless on how to do that.
Still, No worries, you’re going to learn precisely how to do that.
Read the steps below to learn how.
SWF is an Adobe Flash File design utilized for multimedia, vector illustrations, and ActionScript.
Beginning with FutureWave Programming, at that point moved to Macromedia.
Afterward, going under the control of Adobe, SWF documents can contain animations or applets of differing degrees of intelligence and capacity.
They may likewise happen in programs, usually program games, utilizing ActionScript.

What do you need to play SWF files offline?

There are three things you’ll need to play an SWF file on android. They are:

  • Adobe Air (android app): Adobe air is an App that will allow you to run Adobe Flash Player within your Android Device. Some Latest Versions of Android Devices Don’t require this App. However, It is always better to try this app first. If it didn’t work then you can simply use it without it. And it should work. You can download the App from the Download button below.
  • SWF file player (android app): This is the most important app when it comes to running SWF files offline. Yes, no Internet required for this. Whether it’d be a Flash game or anything but an SWF file, it would read it and transform its outcome within the player. Download the App from Below.
  • An SWF file: You will only be able to run a Flash Player within an Android device if you have an SWF file. It is the file that you want to play or run through Android. You need to have your own SWF file or Else why you are even reading this blog. HAhaha, Just kidding.


how to play swf files
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Note: Mozilla Firefox for android no longer supports Adobe Flash Player.

How to play SWF Files on Android?

To know How to Play SWF Files, Follow the steps below:

  1. First, download the required Apps from the Buttons below. There are two mentioned apps, i.e., Adobe Air and SWF player.
  2. Now after downloading the apps, Install the apps.
  3. Open the Adobe Air app and allow every permission the app asks.
  4. Then click the home screen and open the SWF player app.
  5. Grant all permissions of this app too.
  6. Now click on the Local Files and look for the SWF file that you want to run or play

That’s it Enjoy!

If you are still confused then Please watch the video above for a detailed explanation (visual).

How to Install APK file?

  1. Click the download button below and download the two APK files (Read above to know why to download the Apps?)
  2. Then go to your Android device’s settings.
  3. Look for Securities or Privacy under settings. (If you don’t see any of the two, then look for the “Additional option” and open it, there you’ll see either of them both).
  4. After opening Privacy/Securities, You’ll see an option to turn ‘On,’ i.e., “Unknown Sources,” Activate it.
  5. And Then Open the Apk File and Click Install.
Download Adobe Air APK File
Download SWF Flash Player APK (for Android)
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